Ethics of Hope

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History and literature are filled with examples of people in horrific, desperate situations where having hope seemed essential for their survival.

When is Hope Good and When is It Bad? - Hope & Optimism

It also can seem that finding hope in a hopeless situation must be irrational. Is the choice between rational despair and irrational hope? I will write three papers related to the topic. Beliefs, assumptions, acceptances, imaginings, and hopes are all different ways of regarding propositions as true. But what about hope? Is hope even open to rational assessment and evaluation, in a way that beliefs clearly are? Just as one can be criticized for inappropriate anger, one can be criticized for inappropriate hope.

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One cannot hope for what one believes impossible; I cannot, for example hope to be able to fly unassisted, though I can fantasize about it. This year and only a day late!

Below is a countdown of my top ten favorite books written by Moltmann, saving my favorite for last. What are your favorite Moltmann books? Please share in the comment section below!

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Mark is a Presbyterian Pastor specializing in multicultural ministry in the Los Angeles area. Moltmann while a seminarian at Princeton Seminary. He writes using engaging real life stories to illustrate and bring to life the central tenets of Dr.

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He currently resides in Pasadena, California with his wife and children. Stay tuned here for more info about his book… but for now, enjoy this guest post! He noted that one perspective led to an opportunity for eternal life while the other led to death. This drew to mind an encounter I had in while traveling from Mashhad, Iran to Tehran by train.

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As the train departed a man dressed in the traditional white garb of a Moslem cleric along with his assistant entered the compartment where a companion and I were seated. Taking his seat next to me the man gruffly addressed his assistant in Arabic. While I did not understand what was being said, their tone expressed displeasure.