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Sharon Hirsch, section chief of child and adolescent psychiatry at the University of Chicago Hospitals, who said:. It's not hopeless. Even if it did, no evidence suggests that a bleach solution, administered orally or by enema, would cure such infections or do one thing to mitigate the real disabilities associated with autism.

Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Emily Willingham. Aside from having claimed to treat hundreds of thousands, with notable claims to cure cancer in a matter of weeks, reverse and eradicate AIDS in hours, and to protect from malaria so efficiently as to render mosquito nets and repellent useless. Explaining the church in April, Jim was clear as to the purpose :.

Using the Church to primarily train practitioners and administers of MMS, Jim clarified the value of this new religion:. The two additions to your name may not mean much now, but someday it will command a great deal of respect… If you become a member you will have the protection of a world wide church. Governments will be a great deal less prone to bother you as a Minister of Health. When you finish our MMS course one week of intense training you can legally call yourself a Reverend and use Rev. I guarantee that within a couple of years Ministers of Health from our Church will be the most respected ministers in the world.

Not content with implications that his church exists primarily to side-step tricky governmental interference, Jim explains a second role of the establishment:. That has already been done. For the time being until we can get a better setup, the money will come in from sales, or from healing people, or just donations into my PayPal account and I will deposit it where no one knows and where it is and it will be divided out among a number of banks across the world where there is no way to trace it.

This protection fund is meant for one purpose, to stand between our church members and those who would suppress them. This fund is to hire super lawyers, and marchers when needed, other experts to bring suits against those who would suppress our members. This fund will be use to bring suits and class action suits against anyone who is doing things that might impact the health of the people of earth in a negative manner or anyone who is interfering with our pastors.

In what is a surprising move, Jim makes his reasoning for starting the Genesis II church even more transparent:. They pay no taxes. Their priests have been molesting women and children for hundreds of years and the governments have never been able to stop it. From my research before speaking to Jim, nothing had served to shake my preconceived view of Humble the snake oil salesman — I went into the interview prepared to dual with a slick, catchphrase-spouting snake-oil salesman with a polished and perfected sales pitch and a razor-sharp defence.

From his first few words to me, it was clear that Jim was a frail-sounding, almost sweet and slightly confused old man. It seems more unlikely still that the Sodium Chlorite of MMS would neutralise this acid completely, removing all pain, in just two applications over a 10 minute window. Follow-up sessions to ensure ongoing health of those treated were, of course, too expensive for Jim to maintain.

Jim Humble

However, in speaking to Jim, I got the impression that he genuinely believes in what he sells. Instead it was the frustration of the overlooked, the genuine inability to understand why his help was being thwarted and his cures ignored. Once the interview was finished, I sent the tape to Martin Robbins, and he was genuinely shocked by the way Jim came across — to his surprise, this nemesis figure, this dangerous quack spoke not with a bang, but with a whimper. When the figures of the potentially-harmed — not to mention the possibly-killed — could be so incredibly high, we tend to first assume that the man in the middle is a criminal mastermind or emotionless fraud.

In a way, I think I almost would have preferred Jim to have been slick, unscrupulous, and hateful. Bad things by bad people.

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You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed. You wrote exactly what I was thinking. He believes in what he is selling, which makes him even more dangerous than a slick huckster. A huckster will cut his losses and move on. I agree with everything you have written. Not because he is old and I felt sorry for him, not because this should guarentee his protection from the wrath of the ills he has comitted, but because he genuinely seems to believe he is helping people, and mocking him and pinning him up as some Dick Dastardly like character who is rubbing his hands in glee as his evil plan works is wrong.

Great writeup Marsh. I also agree with everything you said. Having followed the story I was really surprised you managed to get an interview, and had similar expectations about how he would come across. It was both fascinating and sad to hear his muddled and confused justifications for what he is doing, and to that he does seem to honestly believe that it is right. He simply cannot have failed to be aware of the importance of publishing results in peer-reviewed journals.

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Maybe he was unaware of that when he started, but there is no way he can still be. So why has he not done so? He may well be right about that, as they are very expensive although it would be fascinating to find out about his finances. But one possible explanation is that his marketing strategy is aimed exactly at those who reject conventional science, seeing it all as a conspiracy theory controlled by Big Pharma and god knows who else.

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Perhaps he has judged that being published in mainstream science literature would actually weaken his credibility among his target market. It would be easy to transfer my anger at Humble onto them for their stupidity, but that would be to miss the bigger point I think. The arguments are always the same, practically word-for-word e. For all we know this is a man who has been made a figurehead of a far-reaching business plan, his own personal involvement and idea contribution unknown.

In the US there are different degrees of murder; here we simply have murder and manslaughter, but both have the same result. If anything, to me, it makes it seem all the more fishy.

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The critical tone is getting more strident with each new comment. He may come across as a sweet old gent but the most effective murderers come with smiles. Not by any moral yardstick could he assume the right to. I think it is too early to declare Jim Humble an innocent old man. I do completely agree with Marsh and Hayley that he came across that way in the interview. This is by purpose! He knows what he is doing! Watch out! Is he the innocent but misguided old man in the interview, or the coldly calculating charlatan that his actions point to?

Just curious. I wish I was better at researching such things as I suspect it would shed light on his nature, be it positive or negative. There are millions of people out there who believe in a god for which there is no evidence, with every fiber of their being. I think he truly believes he has a cure and that he truly believes he is being persecuted.

He is delusional. Again, my assumption of his recent locations is based on his own statements. This is what I meant when I said that I did not know how to research this. Also, lemon juice is supposed to be included, which is said to have antibiotic properties and, according to Humble, is supposedly the most effective illness killer around.

Chlorine dioxide is a yellow-reddish explosive with a pungent odour. Chlorine dioxide, being a disinfectant, undisputedly does kill germs. It is therefore used in water treatment in the so-called chlorination and is responsible for the characteristic smell of swimming pools and sometimes causes reddened eyes. In future it is planned to label such chickens as "chlorine-treated from the USA". Nobody would ever imagine drinking Domestos to treat a bacterial or viral infection. As with colloidal silver , small concentrations have no negative health effects, but are absolutely ineffective as a therapy.

Miracle Mineral Supplement

Higher concentrations can, in principle, kill germs in the body but will at the same time negatively effect one's health. Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizing biocide and belongs to the higher-oxidized chlorine compounds. Of all oxidizing biocides, Chlorine dioxide is the most selective one. It only reacts with reduced sulfur-compounds, secondary and tertiary Amines, and other highly reduced and reactive organical substances. Sodium chlorite is a very reactive, oxidizing solid matter. It reacts strongly with combustible materials, under certain conditions even being able to start a fire without a source of ignition, and it can facilitate existing fires.

It bears the risk of acute as well as chronic health hazards. Chlorites have stronger methemoglobinic capabilities than Chlorates and have explicitly hemotoxic effects. Since Chlorine dioxide has no role in the human metabolism and consequently no deficiency diseases are known, the so-called Vitamin O 2 has to be regarded a pseudovitamin.

Whereas dietary supplements are usually advertised for being antioxidants which counter free radicals, now it's the turn of strong oxidizing agents, countering hazards and harmful bacteria in a most miraculous way, while leaving harmless bacteria as well as body cells unharmed. Two plastic garbage bags are put into one another, forming a closed room and are sealed with tape.

An opening is then cut into the upper end.

Autism Parents Still Buying Into Bleach Cure From Self-Described Space Alien God

Then a small bowl containing activated MMS is put into the gas bag, allowing the formation of Chlorine dioxide. The user then enters the gas bag naked, exposing their skin to the gas. The product sold consists of Sodium chlorite NaClO 2 and comes with an instruction manual dealing with the risks of DIY production of Chloride dioxide. In November , Humble participated in a conference on "Neuartige Heilmethoden" new methods of healing which was organized by Jupiter-Verlag and Adolf Schneider. Humble had been invited to Europe by the alternative practitioner Sabine Linek. Paulus obviously operates his business from Ibiza and owns the Ibiza-registered company "vitalundfitmit S.

This symbol is used to label harmful substances which will cause permanent damage to one's health when being swallowed, inhaled or, by penetrating the skin, can cause acute or chronic damages.

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