Amber Alert (A Grace deHaviland, Bounty Hunter Novella)

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Following that experience, he decided to leave college and continue acting. Most of his early work went uncredited. He also appeared in lesser known Western films. Whit Bissell, born Whitner Nutting Bissell, was a prolific American television and film actor who made his acting debut on Broadway.

He appeared in nearly television shows and movies in a career spanning more than 40 years. Although he appeared in several cult horror films of the s, including the classic sci-fi thriller, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" , he is probably best-known for portraying the mad scientist who turned Michael Landon into a beast in "I Was a Teenage Werewolf" Bissell appeared in numerous TV shows of every genre popular in the s through the early 80s, including "Peyton Place" , "Perry Mason" — , "Marcus Welby, M.

Bissell also had recurring roles as Bert Loomis in the comedy series, "Bachelor Father" — , and Lt. Heywood Kirk in the sci-fi series, "The Time Tunnel" — He also served on the board of directors of the Screen Actors Guild and represented the actors branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences board of governors. Sidney Blackmer was an American theater, film and television actor.

His career spanned 57 years, beginning in the silent film era. He appeared in an uncredited role in "Perils of Pauline" and went on to spend the s playing on Broadway, eventually debuting in talkies in , in "The Love Racket. His film credits include two Edward G. Blackmer passed away two years later. Patricia Blair was an American television actress whose career was active primarily in the s and s.

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The Texas-born beauty began her career as a teenage model who went on to apprentice in summer stock before being discovered by Warner Bros. She began acting in films under the names Patricia Blake and Pat Blake. She also appeared in the suspense thriller "City of Fear" , starring Vince Edwards. Blair played the attractive red-haired, fiery Irish businesswoman, whose character was savvy Landowner and Owner of the General Store and the Madera House Hotel.

She also had a recurring role as Goldy in the western adventure series "Yancy Derringer" — Dan Blocker was an American actor born and raised in Texas. A tall big bear of a man with a tender heart who played roles true to his character, Blocker appeared in several television shows in the late 's before landing the role for which he is best-remembered—Eric "Hoss" Cartwright in the long-running NBC western television series "Bonanza" — Released in , the film was dedicated to Dan Blocker.

Lane Bradford was an American television and film actor. He appeared in more than movies and television shows in a career spanning nearly 35 years. A familiar face in western B movies and television series, many of his film roles in the s and 50s were uncredited. Bradford made his television debut in the crime drama series "Craig Kennedy, Criminologist" He also appeared in "The Untouchables" — and "Perry Mason" — Bradford guest-starred in most of the major western series of the s and 60s, appearing mulitple times in many of them, including "The Lone Ranger" — , "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin" — , "Have Gun — Will Travel" — , "Wagon Train" — , "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp" — , "Cheyenne" — "Bonanza" — , and "Gunsmoke" — His character was central to the story about a man who comes to North Fork searching for his long-lost son.

George Brenlin, born George Henry Brendlinger, was an American actor who primarily worked in television. He appeared in more than 60 television shows over his 30—year career. Although he appeared mostly in westerns, Brenlin worked in other genres, including the crime drama "Perry Mason" — , the war—themed "Combat! He also guest-starred in other iconic westerns of the 50s, 60s and 70s, including "Gunsmoke" — , "Tales of Wells Fargo" — , "Bonanza" — and "The Virginian" — Patricia Breslin is an American actress who has spent most of her career working in television.

She has appeared in more than 50 movies and television shows over her career of 20 years. After graduating from a convent in New Rochelle, New York, Breslin enrolled in the College of New Rochelle where she became trained in the theater department. Breslin was a popular actress during the s and the s, appearing in "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" — , "Perry Mason" — and "Twilight Zone" — , playing opposite a young William Shatner in the episode, "Nick of Time.

Breslin guest-starred in the ther western series, including "Tales of Wells Fargo" — and "Bonanza" — Diane Brewster was an American television and film actress. She appeared in more than 60 television shows and movies in a career spanning nearly 35 years. A versatile actress, she worked in a wide range of genres from westerns to crime dramas to family comedies.

Brewster had recurring roles in several of the most popular TV series of the 50s and 60s, including Samantha Crawford in "Maverick" — , Wilhelmina "Steamboat Willy" Vanderveer in "The Islanders" — and Miss Canfield in the original run of "Leave It to Beaver" — In "The Fugitive" — , an innocent man on the run tries to stay ahead of the law while trying to prove he had not killed his beloved wife—Brewster was cast as Helen Kimble, the title character's murdered wife. Brewster made guest appearances in many other popular series of the 50s and 60s, including "Perry Mason" — and "77 Sunset Strip" — Other western series in which she guest—starred include "Tales of Wells Fargo" — , "Cheyenne" — and "Wagon Train" — Charlie Briggs was an American actor who worked primarily in television, particularly in the western genre.

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He appeared in more than 60 television shows and movies in a career spanning 25 years. He made his debut as an actor in the western series "Maverick" — , playing the role of Little Jeb Plummer. Other western series in which he guest-starred include "Gunsmoke" — , "The Virginian" — and "Bonanza" — She appeared in more than movies and television shows in a career spanning 35 years. Most of her early film roles, especially of the s, were uncredited, and she tended to be cast in small roles playing society matrons, influential aides-de-camp or relatives, perhaps most memorably as Clark Gable's secretary in "The Hucksters" , Claudette Colbert's sister in "Family Honeymoon" and Henry Fonda's mother in "Spencer's Mountain" After making her way into television, Bronson appeared in many of the popular series of the 50s and 60s, including "Leave It to Beaver" — , "77 Sunset Strip" — and "Perry Mason" — Her final television appearance was in "Happy Days" — Bronson is probably best-remembered not as an actress, but as a model for a mural painted in by artist Kent Twitchell.

Joe Brown, Jr. Between and the mids he appeared in more than two dozen movies and over a dozen television shows. Most of his film roles were bit parts or uncredited. He guest-starred in several popular series of the 50s and 60s, including "The Phil Silvers Show" — , "Highway Patrol" — , "Tales of Wells Fargo" — and "Bat Masterson" — He appeared in more than movies and television shows in a career spanning nearly 60 years. He was a guest star in many of the popular shows of the s and 60s, including "Perry Mason" — , "77 Sunset Strip" — and "The Untouchables" — Brown also played a few recurring roles, including Lt.

Rovacs in the dramatic adventure series, "Mr. Lucky" — and Ed O'Connor in the long-running western series, "Gunsmoke" — Brown received a Star on the Walk of Fame for his contributions to the motion picture industry. Argentina Brunetti, born Argentina Ferrau, was an Argentinian film, television, stage and radio actress, as well as a writer. She worked in film and television, frequently cast in ethnic roles in a career spanning 65 years.

She grew up in an acting family, and was guided by her famous mother Mimi Aguglia, a stage actress, as they toured together throughout Europe and South America. She signed a contract with MGM pictures in and was given assignments dubbing voices in Italian. Many of her early film roles were uncredited. Brunetti's first credited film appearance was in the classic Frank Capra film, "It's a Wonderful Life" , in which she played the part of Mrs.

Brunetti appeared in many of the popular series of the s and 60s, including "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" — , "The Untouchables" — and "The Andy Griffith Show" — She guest-starred in virtually all of the major westerns of her time, including "The Lone Ranger" — , "Bonanza" — , "Tales of Wells Fargo" — and "Gunsmoke" — She was a working actress until her death, including making an appearance in "Everybody Loves Raymond" — , played the role of Zia Sarina in "Mia Famiglia.

William Bryant was an American actor who appeared in over film and television roles in a career spanning 45 years. Edgar Buchanan was an American character actor who appeared in over films and dozens of television series, including several long-lived sitcoms.

In a career spanning four decades, he played grizzled, gravelly-voiced characters and was frequently cast in westerns. His most well-known and lovable character was Uncle Joe Carson, who appeared in all episodes of "Petticoat Junction," , 17 episodes of "Green Acres" , and, in , three episodes of "The Beverly Hillbillies" In his last role, the film "Benji," he co-starred with the dog Higgins from his stint on "Petticoat Junction. Robert Burton was an American actor of television and film in the s and early 60s.

He played the role in just one episode, "The Princess" episode King Calder was an American actor who primarily worked in television, appearing in more than 60 movies and television shows over 15 years. Calder had a recurring role in the drama series "Martin Kane" — , playing the role of Lt. He remained a familiar face in television throughout the s and into the s, making appearances in many of the popular series of that era, including "The Untouchables" — , "Hennesey" — , "Perry Mason" — and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" — Philip Carey, born Eugene Josh Carey, was an American film television and film actor who appeared in nearly movies and television shows in a career spanning almost 60 years.

Tall and ruggedly handsome, he also had a deep mellifluous voice, and so, landed many assignments doing narration and voice-over, including the Granny Goose potato chips commercials. His first acting job was a succession of different roles in the popular "Ford Theater" TV anthology series of the s. Carey would appear mutiple times or play recurring roles in many TV series, including Lieutenant Michael Rhodes in the adventure series "Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers" — , the title role in the crime drama "Philip Marlowe" — and Captain Edward Parmalee in the western "Laredo" — He also guest-starred in other popular series of the s and the s, including the crime drama "77 Sunset Strip" — and numerous westerns, including "Tales of Wells Fargo" — , "Lawman" — , "Cheyenne" — , "The Virginian" — and "Gunsmoke" — Carey is best-known for his long-running portrayal of tycoon, Asa Buchanan, in the daytime drama "One Life to Live" — , which was also his final role.

Simon Battle in "Death Trap" episode Harry Carey, Jr. He has appeared in more than movies and television shows in a career spanning 65 years. He has been a familiar fixture in westerns, but has appeared in a wide range of genres, from popular series of the s, including the crime drama series "Perry Mason" — , to cult classic films of the s, including "Gremlins" , in which he played Mr. Carey and his father both appeared in the classic Howard Hawks western, "Red River" ; although, they did not share any scenes together.

Carey appeared in virtually every major western series of his era; although, he is perhaps most often recognized for his recurring role as Bill Burnett in the original, as well as the movie and the various reboots of "The Adventures of Spin and Marty" Carey also has a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Benny Carle is an American television and radio personality. At the time, ABC was working on a publicity campaign in which one on-air personality from each of its affiliate stations was selected to make cameo appearances in various network programs. Carle portrayed Amos Blaine in "The Assailants" episode Thomas Carney was an American film and television actor. He appeared in more than 50 television shows and movies during his year career. He was a guest star in various popular series of the s and 60s, including "Dragnet" — , "The Untouchables" — , "Perry Mason" — and "Barnaby Jones" — He also guest-starred in some of the other iconic western series of the era, including "Gunsmoke" — , "Have Gun — Will Travel" — and "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp" — Carleton Carpenter is an American stage, film and television actor, as well as a magician, author and songwriter.

He has appeared in nearly 40 movies and television shows in a career spanning more than 30 years. Prior to signing to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Carpenter worked on Broadway, both as a magician and an actor. Carpenter appeared in several popular series of the s and 60s, including "G. True Theater" — and "Perry Mason" — Carleton had many talents besides acting; they included composing songs and writing novels. One of his more popular books, "Deadhead" , was adapted to a Broadway musical. He also authored several short stories, which were featured in the Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery Queen mystery magazines.

Johnny Carpenter, born Jasper Carpenter, was an American television and film actor. He appeared in nearly 60 television shows and movies over a period of more than 30 years, although most of his roles were uncredited. He also guest-starred in a few other popular westerns of the time, including "The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickock" — and "Death Valley Days" — John Carradine was an American actor who had an extremely prolific film career, while simultaneously maintaining a stage career in classic leading roles.

Tall and gaunt, with a distinctive sonorous baritone voice, Carradine became a venerable film icon, with over film credits and more than television credits in a career that spanned 65 years. As a young man, he roamed the South selling sketches. He made his acting debut in "Camille" in New Orleans theater in Two years later, he went to Los Angeles where he worked in local theater. He applied as scenic designer to Cecil B. DeMille, who rejected his designs but gave him voice work in several films.

He also portrayed Aaron in "The Ten Commandments" Carradine was frequently cast in horror and western genre films. Near the end of his life, Carradine claimed to have appeared in more movies than any other actor, surpassing the record set by Donald Crisp, the Oscar winning actor and director who had started in silent films and had appeared in numerous one and two reel films, many of them lost. Carter appeared in many television shows from the late 's through late 's.

He has appeared in nearly 40 television shows and movies over a career spanning more than 25 years. He then joined the United States Air Force and served two years, during which he developed a lifelong interest in flying. He demonstrated great versatility as an actor, and played roles in genres ranging from crime dramas to action series to westerns.

Among the handful of recurring characters, he portrayed C. Carruthers in "The Law and Mr. Jones" — and Doc in "Combat! Carter also guest-starred in many of the iconic westerns of the s, 60s and 70s, including "Johnny Ringo" — , "Bonanza" — , "Gunsmoke" — and "The Virginian" — He also appeared in many other popular series, including "Twilight Zone" — , "Barnaby Jones" — and "The Dukes of Hazzard" — Although he had a successful career in the entertainment industry, Carter eventually abandoned acting to pursue his dream of being a pilot.

Jimmy Carter was an American film and television actor who had a short career of just five years. He also did an album with Barry Manilow in the late 70s. During his brief stint as an actor, Jimmy appeared in 12 television shows and one movie, including some of the most popular TV series of the s and 60s. He guest-starred in the crime drama "The Lawless Years" — , "Route 66" — , "Leave It to Beaver" — and the long-running western series, "Bonanza" — He also appeared in the movie "The Jayhawkers" , playing the character Paul Dubois.

Allen Case was an American actor who grew up in Dallas, Texas. He attended Southern Methodist University for two years and went on to have a career in television from to With more than 30 television credits, he was frequently cast in cowboy roles. His acting career began performing on a local TV variety program. After several months, he moved to New York and successfully tried out for a singing spot on Arthur Godfrey's morning show.

His stint on Godfrey's show led to several nightclub engagements and parts in two Broadway-bound musicals, "Reuben, Reuben" and "Pleasure Dome," both of which closed out of town. More work followed in nightclubs and on Broadway, as well as an occasional return to the Arthur Godfrey show, as well an appearance on Jack Parr. Case had a small part in the movie version of "Damn Yankees," which brought him to California and led to roles in a succession of western genre series, including "Bronco," "Wagon Train," "Gunsmoke," "Have Gun Will Travel" and "Sugarfoot". Malcolm Cassell is an American film and television actor, who has had a brief career of nine years in which he has appeared in 16 movies and television shows.

His final screen appearance was in "Pirates of Tortuga" , in which he portrayed Kipper. Catching, was an American film and television actor, and also a stuntman. He appeared in nearly 80 movies and television shows and in a career spanning almost 30 years.

He made guest-starred in numerous popular TV series of the s and 60s, including several appearances in the crime drama series "Boston Blackie" — , the Ann Francis detective series, "Honey West" and the David Carradine series, "Kung Fu" Catching is most recognizable for his many appearances in virtually every major western of the 50s and 60s, frequently making multiple appearances in different roles, including "The Cisco Kid" — , "The Roy Rogers Show" — , "The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickock" — , "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp" — , "Wagon Train" — , "Bonanza" — , "Gunsmoke" — and "The Wild Wild West" — In , he received the Golden Boot award for his significant contributions to the western genre.

Robert Chadwick was an American film and television actor. He appeared in 10 movies and television shows in a brief career of a little over a decade. He appeared in several popular series of the s and 60s, including "The Outer Limits" — , "Perry Mason" — and "Rawhide" — In addition to his work in television, Chadwick played the role of the father in David Lynch's surreal short film, "The Grandmother" Larry Chance was an American film and television actor who appeared in more than 50 films and television shows over a career spanning nearly 30 years.

Although many of his film roles were uncredited, he was cast in most of the major western series of the s and 60s, including "Annie Oakley" — , "Adventures of Wild Bill Hickock" — , "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin" — , "Bonanza" — , "Tales of Wells Fargo" — and "The Virginian" — James Chandler was an American film and television actor who appeared in nearly 70 movies and television shows in a career spanning more than 30 years.

During the s through the 70s, Chandler guest-starred in various popular crime dramas, including "77 Sunset Strip" — , "Bourbon Street Beat" — and "Perry Mason" — Chandler also appeared in many of the other classic western TV series of the period, including "Wanted: Dead or Alive" — , "Laramie" — , "Bonanza" — and "Gunsmoke" — John Davis Chandler was an American film and television actor who appeared in nearly movies and television shows in a career spanning more than 30 years.

He performed in a wide variety of genres, including the Beat Generation-inspired, "Route 66" — , the war drama "Combat! He also made appearances in a few others westerns, including "The Virginian" — and "Gunsmoke" — Lon Chaney, Jr. He is best-known for being the son of silent film star Lon Chaney and his many roles in monster movies. He is the only actor to have portrayed all of the classic movie monsters: the title role in "The Wolf Man" , Frankenstein's monster in "The Ghost of Frankenstein" , a mummy in "The Mummy's Tomb" and a vampire in "Son of Dracula" Chaney was memorialized for his most iconic role, the Wolf Man, in a edition of US postage stamps.

Chaney appeared in a small number of television shows in the s, including a recurring role as Chingachgook in "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans" Lonny Chapman was an American character actor of film who appeared in more than movies and television shows, as well as some stage productions, in a career spanning 50 years. Although he performed in a wide range of genres, Chapman is identified with playing parts in mysteries, courtroom and crime dramas in nearly every decade of his career, including "Perry Mason" — , "The Defenders" — , "Judd for the Defense" — , "Police Story" — , "Murder, She Wrote" — and "NYPD Blue" — Chapman made guest appearances in other popular series, including "Mission: Impossible" — and "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color" — He also appeared in several other classic TV westerns, including "Gunsmoke" — and "The Virginian" — Lewis Charles, born Lewis Cholost, was an American actor who worked primarily in television.

He appeared in more than movies and television shows in a career spanning 30 years. He guest-starred in a wide variety of different genres, making appearances in crime dramas, including "Richard Diamond, Private Detective" — , "Peter Gunn" — , "The Untouchables" — and "77 Sunset Strip" — , as well as the popular family series, "The Andy Griffith Show" — , the live-action "Batman" — and the espionage action series "Mission: Impossible" — He also guest-starred in several other classic westerns, including "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp" — , "Wanted: Dead or Alive" — and "Bonanza" — Kim Charney is an American film and television actor.

He has appeared in more than 30 movies and television shows in a decade-long career. Charney may be best-remembered for his recurring role as Terry Richmond in "Leave It to Beaver" — He appeared in more than movies and television shows during his year career, with many roles uncredited. Among his films roles, he portrayed Dr. Chase guest-starred in numerous popular programs of the s, 60s and 70s, especially in the crime drama and western genres. Virginia Christine, born Virginia Christine Kraft, was an American film and television actress who appeared in more than movies and television shows in a career spanning 35 years.

She attended the University of California, Los Angeles, where she met her acting coach and future husband, Fritz Feld. In , Christine signed an acting contract with Warner Bros. Although primarily a television actress, she appeared in a few high-profile films, including the noir film, "The Killers" , starring Burt Lancaster, in which she played the role of Lilly Harmon Lubinsky; and the sci-fi cult classic, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" , in which she portrayed Wilma Lentz.

Christine garnered roles in almost every genre in television, appearing in many popular series, including the thrillers, "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" — and "Twilight Zone" — , as well as crime dramas and mystery series, including "Peter Gunn" — , "The Untouchables" — , "77 Sunset Strip" — and "Perry Mason" — She is probably best-remembered as Mrs. Olsen in the Folgers Coffee ads. Hardy in "The Spiked Rifle" episode 49 and Mrs. Dalrymple in "The Long Goodbye" episode Pat Close was an American film and television actor.

He appeared in nine movies and television shows in seven years. He also had a starring role as the son in Andy Warhol's "Imitation of Christ" James Coburn was an American actor, producer, director, writer and screenwriter. Johnny Collier is an American film and television actor who has appeared in nine movies and television shows in a little over 40 years. He appeared in the popular family series "Leave It to Beaver" — and "Dennis the Menace" — He also made guest appearances in the westerns "Maverick" — and "Law of the Plainsman" Russell Collins was an American film and television actor who appeared in nearly 90 movies and television shows in a career spanning more than 30 years.

He was a versatile actor who appeared in popular shows from each decade during which he was active. He guest-starred in various early television shows, including the mystery series "Suspense" — and the comedy series "The Real McCoys" — Collins made guest appearances in several crime dramas, including "Peter Gunn" — , "The Untouchables" — and "The Fugitive" — , as well as the popular TV series "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" — , in which he made several guest appearances and also the sci-fi thrillers "Twilight Zone" — and "The Outer Limits" — In addition to television, Collins made several film appearances.

He played the role of Mr. Qua in the Marilyn Monroe noir film "Niagara" ; he potrayed Mr. Collins made guest appearances in several other iconic westerns, including "Have Gun — Will Travel" — , "Bonanza" — and "Wagon Train" — Albert Richard "Jazzbeaux" Collins was an American disc jockey, radio personality and recording artist. He adopted the nickname "Jazzbo" from a clip-on bowtie and later changed it to the francophile spelling.

He got his start on radio in the s in Salt Lake City and in the 50s, began working occasionally in television, guest-starring as a character actor in several television shows, including "The Real McCoys" — and "The Untouchables" — In , he hosted the "Tonight! Collins also had an uncredited role as a party guest in the comedic film "Do Not Disturb" , starring Doris Day. Over his year career, Collins became friends with many jazz legends, and during the last four decades of his life, he was master of ceremonies at countless jazz festivals.

Booth Colman is an American stage, film and television actor. He began his career as a child performer, appearing in local theater productions and radio. He has made appearances in more than movies and television shows in a career spanning nearly 60 years.

Colman guest-starred in many of the most popular series since the s, often cast as a venerable professorial character. He eventually made his way to Hollywood to pursue a career in movies, debuting in Howard Hawks' "The Big Sky" and subsequently appearing in more than 50 feature films. Colman has guest-starred in numerous TV series in virtually every major genre.

Colman made guest appearances in numerous crime dramas, including "Cavalcade of America" — , "The Untouchables" — , "77 Sunset Strip" — , "Perry Mason" — and "Police Story" — He also appeared in the sci-fi classics "Thriller" — , starring Boris Karloff, and "The Outer Limits" — He has had a few recurring roles, including his portrayals of Dr. Zaius in "Planet of the Apes" and Dr. Felix Burke in the long-running soap opera "The Young and the Restless" —present.

He also guest-starred in many other popular westerns of the s and 60s, including "Bonanza" — and "Daniel Boone" — —making several appearances in both, as well as "Yancy Derringer" — , "Cheyenne" — , "The Virginian" — and "Gunsmoke" — He and his three brothers, together with Steven Gardner, son of the show's executive producer Arthur Gardner, appeared in "The Schoolteacher" episode 86 as schoolchildren.

Jeff also appeared in "Tension" episode as Toby Halpern, and with his brother Mike as two boys going fishing in "First Wages" episode Mike also appeared with brother Jeff as two boys going fishing in "First Wages" episode Charles J. Conrad was an American actor and a politician. He appeared in more than 30 movies and television shows over 16 years.

Virtually all of his early roles were uncredited. He made guest appearances in a few popular shows, including "Sergeant Preston of the Yukon" — and the crime dramas "Perry Mason" — and "The Lawless Years" — He also appeared in the westerns "Gunsmoke" — and "Laramie" — Conrad spent his political career serving in the California State Assembly from to and was the Republican minority leader in the late s.

Steve Conte was an Italian-American actor who worked primarily in television. He had more than 70 acting credits in a career spanning nearly 40 years. He appeared in various low-budget horror films, including "Teenage Zombies" , "Terror of the Bloodhunters" and "Face of the Screaming Werewolf" Among the numerous television shows in which he guest-starred, Conte appeared in several westerns, sometimes multiple times, including "The Gene Autry Show" — , "Death Valley Days" — "Broken Arrow" — and "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin" — Roberto Contreras was an American film and television actor who appeared in more than 80 movies and television shows in a career spanning nearly 40 years.

He acted in a variety of popular shows, including the crime dramas "77 Sunset Strip" — and "Police Story" — , as well as the adventure series "The Fugitive" — and the espionage thriller "Mission: Impossible" — Contreras also had a recurring role as Pedro in the western series "The High Chaparral" — Tommy Cook is an American television and film actor who has appeared in 90 movies and television shows in a career spanning nearly 45 years.

He made his acting debut in the western film "Adventures of Red Ryder" , portraying Little Beaver. Cook has appeared in various crime dramas, including "Dragnet" — , "Richard Diamond, Private Detective" — , "The Untouchables" — and "Perry Mason" — In addition to television, he has been in a few films, including playing leading roles in the crime dramas "The Viscious Years" and "Teen-Age Crime Wave" Cook also appeared in the noir film "Panic in the Streets" , directed by Elia Kazan.

Clancy Cooper was an American stage, television and film actor who appeared in movies and television shows in a career spanning nearly 35 years. Many of his film roles were uncredited. Although primarily appearing in westerns, Cooper also was cast in roles in other genres, including the crime drama "Cavalcade of America" — and the Rod Serling sci-fi thriller series "Twilight Zone" — Ben Cooper is an American television and film actor who has appeared in 80 movies and television shows during a year career.

He has been a versatile actor, guest-starring in a variety of genres, including Rod Serling's sci-fi thriller "Twilight Zone" — ; the war drama "Combat! He has made guest appearances in numerous other westerns, including "Tales of Wells Fargo" — , "Wagon Train" — , "Bonanza" — , "Laramie" — , "Rawhide" — , starring Clint Eastwood, "Gunsmoke" — and "The Virginian" — In , Cooper received the Golden Boot award for his significant contributions to the western genre. Ellen Corby, born Ellen Hansen, was a prolific American film and television actress.

She appeared in more than movies and television shows during a career spanning 65 years. Corby was interested in acting beginning in high school, eventually moving to Hollywood, where she took acting lessons for more than a decade. After playing many uncredited roles, Corby eventually became a busy character actress, appearing in movies and television shows in every genre. She was cast in the starring role as Emma Barber in the crime drama "Caged" ; she played Mrs. Avery in "The Spoiler" episode 61 and Mrs. Morgan in "The High Country" episode In , Corby receive the Golden Boot award for her significant contributions to the western genre.

Robert Cornthwaite was a prolific American stage, film and television actor. He appeared in more than movies and television shows during his year career. Cornthwaite became interested in acting after being forced to recite a line for a school production. Following his military service, Cornthwaite earned a degree from the University of Southern California, after which he then moved to Hollywood, where he finally began pursuing his dream of becoming an actor. Despite a somewhat slow start, Cornthwaite was eventually working regularly, type-cast as intellectual characters in movies and television shows until his death in He was a highly versatile actor, appearing in crime dramas, including "Cavalcade of America" — ; "The Untouchables" — ; "Perry Mason" — ; "77 Sunset Strip" — and "Murder, She Wrote" — ; as well as the horror series "Thriller" — , hosted by Boris Karloff; Rod Serling's sci-fi thriller series, "Twilight Zone" — ; the family comedy "The Andy Griffith Show" — ; the war drama "Combat!

Cornthwaite also had a few recurring roles, especially toward the end of his career, including the part of Professor Windish in the Buck Henry spy spoof "Get Smart" , Allan A. Langdon in the night-time soap "Dynasty" — , Hives in the long-running comedy series "Cheers" — and Howard Buss in the drama "Picket Fences" — Cornthwaite's roles playing intellectual characters followed him from TV to fims, including a several science fiction movies.

There, they must solve the mystery of the missing tots and save Chitty from the nefarious Vulgarians. This musical classic also features Robert Helpmann as the oily, deeply unnerving Child Catcher. Description : With a chiseled chin and an iron physique, Patrick Bateman's looks make him the ideal yuppie -- and the ideal serial killer. That's the joke behind American Psycho, which follows a killer at large during the s junk-bond boom. Bateman Christian Bale takes pathological pride in everything from his business card to his Huey Lewis CD collection, all the while plotting his next victim's vivisection Comments : MKV Details: x 2.

Description : In a futuristic world, a strict regime has eliminated war by suppressing emotions: Books, art and music are strictly forbidden, and feeling is a crime punishable by death -- a rule that's enforced by feeding the denizens a mood-limiting drug. John Preston Christian Bale is a top government official responsible for destroying those who resist the rules.

But when he misses a dose of his own medication, he experiences a pang of conscience. Description : Six Cast including Heath Ledger and Cate Blanchett, in an Oscar-nominated role portray six personas of music legend Bob Dylan in scenes depicting various stages of his life, chronicling his rise from unknown folksinger to international icon. The first biography ever approved by the singer-songwriter, this stylized portrait directed by Todd Haynes reveals how Dylan reinvented himself many times.

Kris Kristofferson narrates. Description : Play Preview Renowned director Werner Herzog's inspiring drama recounts the heroic saga of Dieter Dengler, a German-American fighter pilot and highly decorated Vietnam veteran whose reconnaissance plane was shot down in Captured by enemy forces and held in a Laotian torture camp near the Ho Chi Minh Trail, Dengler portrayed by Christian Bale defied death by organizing one of the most daring escapes in the Vietnam conflict. Description : Trevor Reznik Christian Bale hasn't slept in a year, and his physical and mental health have eroded.

So when cryptic notes pop up in his apartment and he has visions of a co-worker nobody else can see, is it reality -- or just the next level of insomnia? His call-girl girlfriend Jennifer Jason Leigh seems to be the only bright spot in Trevor's quickly deteriorating world. And he, too, seems to be breaking down. Comments : HD Streaming Details: x 2. Description : Things get freaky fast for year-old Darren Shan Chris Massoglia when his friend Josh Hutcherson takes him to a circus that's chockfull of sideshow oddities.

There, he meets vampire Larten Crepsley John C. Reilly and receives a life-changing bite on the neck. As the newest member of the mysterious Cirque du Freak troupe, Darren keeps company with Madame Truska Salma Hayek and sparks a war between the vampires and their rivals. Description : This epic mythological adventure stars Harry Hamlin as Perseus, son of Zeus Laurence Olivier , who embarks on a series of perilous quests in the hopes of rescuing Princess Andromeda Judi Bowker and winning the keys to the kingdom of Joppa.

With winged horse Pegasus as his steed, Perseus must answer vexing riddles, capture the head of Medusa and slay a ravenous sea monster. Burgess Meredith and Ursula Andress co-star in this classic tale. Description : When a madman dubbed the "Scorpio Killer" terrorizes San Francisco, hard-boiled cop Harry Callahan Clint Eastwood -- famous for his take-no-prisoners approach to law enforcement -- is tasked with hunting down the psychopath. Harry eventually collars Scorpio in the process of rescuing a kidnap victim, only to see him walk on technicalities.

Now, the maverick detective is determined to nail the maniac himself. Description : Clint Eastwood in all his squinty glory survives a hanging, vowing revenge on the lynch mob that left him dangling. To carry out his oath, he returns to his former job as a lawman. Before long, Eastwood catches up with the nine men and starts dispensing his brand of justice. The film aspires to be an Americanized spaghetti Western -- and succeeds. Description : Amid shoot-outs and existentialism, a mysterious stranger Clint Eastwood, who also directs is hired to protect a small town from outlaws.

But his recipe for defense could be a deal with the devil, and soon, even the enigmatic gunslinger's supporters -- including Mordecai Billy Curtis and Sarah Verna Bloom -- are wondering just what they've signed up for. The rip-roaring conclusion could leave the town in tatters. Comments : Screen Formats: Widescreen 2.

At first, Kidd turns down the offer, until Chama steals his horse and terrorizes his friends. John Sturges directs from an original screenplay by Elmore Leonard. Description : The second of five Dirty Harry movies, Magnum Force finds Clint Eastwood revisiting his career-making turn as a tough-as-nails detective who makes his own rules. A wayward cop is enforcing vigilante justice by assassinating several criminals who manage to escape punishment by slipping through legal loopholes, and "Dirty" Harry Callahan is on the case.

Watch for an uncredited appearance by a young Suzanne Somers. Van Horn. Description : A macabre sports pool is placing bets on which celebrity is going to die next and crossing names off a list as each of them meets their demise. A serial killer who preys on famous figures enters the scene, and suddenly the odds are dramatically changed. Army regiment that killed his family.

Finally coming to rest in a quiet community and falling for pretty settler Laura Lee Sondra Locke , Josey may finally find redemption. But he's not sure he can change his violent ways -- especially when his archenemy arrives on the scene. Description : In this antic Western, Hogan Clint Eastwood is a mercenary who hires his gun out to the highest bidder. But he meets his match in Sister Sara Shirley MacLaine , who's committed to helping a group of Mexican revolutionaries battle the French. The unlikely duo team up to join the fight -- and maybe earn a few centavos in the process.

Description : Retired gunslinger William Munny Clint Eastwood reluctantly takes one last job -- and even more reluctantly accepts a boastful youth Jaimz Woolvett as a partner. Together, they learn how easily complicated truths are distorted into simplistic myths about the Old West. Gene Hackman who won an Oscar and Richard Harris stand out as old foes who have an unhappy reunion.

Description : The first film in director Sergio Leone and star Clint Eastwood's "Man with No Name" trilogy finds a world-weary gunman in a town torn apart by warring gangs. He agrees to work for both sides, ultimately pitting the two factions against each other. Description : Clint Eastwood returns as the iconic "man with no name" in this gritty follow-up to the classic A Fistful of Dollars. Tense close-ups, panoramic landscapes, poetic violence and a fantastic Ennio Morricone score combine to define the singular, signature style of spaghetti Western auteur Sergio Leone. In his third classic spaghetti Western with Eastwood, director Sergio Leone continues to shake up the genre with stylish photography, a hefty dose of cynicism and Ennio Morricone's instantly recognizable score.

Description : Alfonso Cuaron directs this film version of P. James's classic dystopian novel and Oscar nominee for Best Adapted Screenplay , a futuristic drama set in a world in which humans have lost the ability to reproduce and subsequently face certain extinction.

Things change when a single woman mysteriously becomes pregnant, prompting a conflicted government bureaucrat Clive Owen and his ex-wife Julianne Moore to join forces to protect her. Michael Caine co-stars. Description : In this arresting drama, retirement isn't in the cards for world-weary mobster Will Graham Clive Owen , who's just settling into a quiet life in the country when he hears that his brother Jonathan Rhys-Meyers has met an untimely and brutal end.

Charlotte Rampling and Malcolm McDowell co-star. Description : King Arthur Clive Owen and the Knights of the Round Table are struggling to retain power amid a shaky political landscape in Antoine Fuqua's thrilling take on the myth of Camelot, which is steeped in gritty realism and the politics of its time.

As the Roman Empire falls, everyone is trying to wrest control, but time is marching toward the Dark Ages. Description : When a mysterious loner named Mr. Smith Clive Owen delivers a woman's baby during an intense shoot-out, he inadvertently runs afoul of the ruthless Mr.

Pin Money: A Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter Book by David DeLee

Hertz Paul Giamatti. Ramona Pringle and Stephen McHattie co-star in this bullet-riddled action-thriller from writer-director Michael Davis. DA Eleanor Whitman Naomi Watts team up to expose a global financial institution's money laundering, arms dealing and other illegal rackets in this tense thriller from director Tom Tykwer. As the pair race from New York to Milan and beyond to pursue their case, they soon discover that the ruthless bank will stop at nothing to continue its profitable activities.

Description : In the days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, panic sets in among California's citizens, who imagine their shores as the next target. Military and civilian defenders of the West Coast embark on self-appointed missions to protect the nation. Meanwhile, the crew of a lost Japanese submarine selects Hollywood as its mark.

Description : When a shady movie producer films her during a night of drunken depravity, a usually straight-laced college girl must get her hands on that tape before the abstinence-only organization that sponsors her scholarship catches wind of it. But when the producer flees, the coed and her pals must hit the road to track him down and save her college career. Description : Stand-up comedian Brian Regan offers his unique take on the absurd aspects of everyday life in this hilarious Comedy Central concert.

With offbeat originality, Regan riffs on flight delays, greeting cards, baby books, entertaining his 3-year-old daughter and more. Comments : Screen Formats: Full Screen 1. Description : Bringing his funniest observations of everyday life, clever comedian Brian Regan returns for his second Comedy Central stand-up special. Whether making fun of himself or something else just as ridiculous, Regan consistently delivers loads of laughter. Known for his sophisticated and squeaky-clean humor, the talented comedian continues to win over audiences and sell out shows across the United States.

With offbeat originality, Regan riffs on flight delays, greeting cards, baby books and his 3-year-old daughter. Simmons, David Rasche. George Clooney and Tilda Swinton round out the cast of this irreverent tale of poorly executed espionage. Description : With an ever-rotating lineup of comedians, this Comedy Central showcase rolls out the funniest faces on the stand-up circuit -- from emerging new acts to established A-listers at the top of their game.

Hoping to get rid of one another, they make a loser-leaves bet to scam the fortunes of a wealthy heiress Glenne Headly. Watching Martin do his slapstick shtick is hilarious, and the lush French Riviera backdrop is gorgeous. Description : In director Tom Shadyac's raucous follow-up to his comedy Bruce Almighty, God Morgan Freeman summons narcissistic newscaster turned congressman Evan Baxter Steve Carell to build an enormous ark in preparation for a devastating flood.

Unfortunately for Evan, his perplexed family interprets his latest hobby as a midlife crisis gone wrong rather than as a divine assignment from the man upstairs. Lauren Graham and John Goodman also star. Description : While attending a court-ordered anger-management class, lonely Alex Heather Graham befriends pest control business owner Stella Jennifer Coolidge and dental tech Nikki Amber Heard.

Drawing on their overabundance of rage, the women set out to teach the men in their lives painful lessons.

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Description : Irreverent counterculture comedian George Carlin riffs on everything from high-technology to election returns in this HBO-produced stand-up comedy show filmed at New York's Beacon Theatre. No topic is too shocking for Carlin, who serves up his outrageous takes on sex, suicide, religion and other controversial topics. Since the s, Carlin has entertained audiences with his in-your-face, caustic and decidedly adult-themed humor.

Description : Playing straight man to partners half his size, ventriloquist Jeff Dunham -- one of America's funniest comics -- slays audiences throughout the United States. In this hilarious video, Dunham is in his element, giving voice to such characters as elderly crosspatch Walter, wisecracker Peanut, pepper-on-a-stick Jose Jalapeno, Bubba J and Sweet Daddy Dee. There's no argument: This performance will have you rolling with laughter. Description : Washington, D. Description : Tim Burton directs an all-star cast in this outlandishly funny spoof of s-era sci-fi flicks, featuring bulbous-headed Martians come to Earth hell-bent on world domination and destroying everyone and everything in their path!

Can the president Jack Nicholson save America -- and the planet -- from the invaders? Or are we all just toast? Fox co-star. Description : A firing squad of comedians and former co-stars unleashes its collective force against "Star Trek" icon William Shatner -- forever known as the commander of the starship Enterprise -- in this Comedy Central roast of epic proportions. Description : In this hilarious stand-up performance, Texas comic Ron White -- one of the boisterous members of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour -- sounds off on hurricanes, nudity, trendy eyewear, anniversary gifts and more.

Released around the same time as his debut comedy album, "Drunk in Public," the chain-smoking scotch drinker's spirited performance scored big ratings when it first aired on Comedy Central in Description : Hard-drinkin', chain-smoking comic Ron White one of the stars of the wildly successful "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" takes the stand-up stage to deliver more of his signature brand of blunt humor in this live performance. Outspoken, irreverent and unapologetically obnoxious, the good ol' boy from Texas offers his testosterone-fueled observations on marriage, dispenses tips on finding the right spouse and introduces the audience to "Squirrel Man.

The one-time preacher shakes and shudders as he tears into subjects including sex, marriage, religion, drugs and famine. This notable performance launched Kinison's career, spawning albums, movie roles and appearances on late-night talk shows. Description : The Brothers Bloom made a name for themselves as the world's best con men. Now, the younger Adrien Brody is ready to retire on the millions the pair has swindled.

But when his brother Mark Ruffalo lures him into one last job, he reluctantly agrees. What he hasn't counted on, though, is falling for their mark, an adventure-seeking heiress Rachel Weisz. Robbie Coltrane and Babel's Rinko Kikuchi co-star. Description : Two luckless friends played by James Corden and Mathew Horne head to a hamlet in the Welsh countryside for a hiking holiday, only to find all the women of the village enslaved by an ancient vampire curse. Armed with crucifixes, axes and anything else they can add to their arsenal, the duo prepares to fight for their lives.

Description : Jodie Foster stars in this adaptation of Carl Sagan's thoughtful novel about the attempt to reconcile science and religion. After idealistic Dr. Ellie Arroway Foster discovers a signal being broadcast from outer space, the race is on to interpret humanity's first contact with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Description : What we have here is a failure to communicate! Luke Jackson Paul Newman is a man who likes to do things his own way. That leads to a world of hurt when he ends up in a hellish Southern prison camp -- and on the wrong side of a sadistic warden Strother Martin. George Kennedy copped an Oscar as a fellow prisoner who tries to break Luke and later comes to revere him.

McClain, Michael Dionne. Description : One spring day in , Mady Ashley Totin is found dazed, confused and frightened by the side of a road. This heart-pounding thriller, based on real events, attempts to explain how she wound up beaten and bloodied, left for dead. But Mady's not the only victim; her two friends and their paramours were with her in the woods. What became of them is a mystery. Has an unknown presence -- or something far more shocking -- preyed on their flesh? Description : A botched experiment in virtual reality transmits the soul of infamous British occultist Aleister Crowley into the body of shy professor Haddo Simon Callow , whose life quickly descends into a maelstrom of sex, violence and depraved behavior.

Eager to foil Haddo's satanic efforts is handsome physicist Dr. Joshua Mathers Kal Weber. Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson co-wrote the screenplay for this supernatural thriller. Description : Though Tomas Daniel Day-Lewis is adept at juggling girlfriends Juliette Binoche and Lena Olin , he has a tougher time following the dictates or lack thereof of his political conscience in this Oscar-nominated adaptation of Milan Kundera's acclaimed novel about a womanizing Czech doctor.

But when Soviet tanks rumble through Prague in , the gravity of the situation changes all their lives forever in this drama from director Philip Kaufman. Description : Ambitious prospector Daniel Plainview Daniel Day-Lewis, in an Oscar-winning role strikes it rich when he buys the oil rights to a California family's ranch, turns a simple village into a boomtown and stokes the ire of a charismatic young preacher Paul Dano. Kevin J. Description : In their final semester before graduation from an affluent suburban high school, good girl Alexa Emmy Rossum , outcast Ben Ashley Springer and bad boy Johnny Zach Gilford decide to shed their youthful inhibitions and take some very grown-up risks.

A twisty tale of betrayal, heartbreak and unleashed sexuality ensues in director Adam Salky's unique teen drama, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Description : With her young daughter in tow, Dahlia Jennifer Connelly is starting a new life away from her estranged husband. But as a custody battle brews, her already fragile emotional state starts deteriorating when she begins to hear eerie sounds in her dilapidated apartment. Are the weird noises, inexplicable leaks and haunting visions all in Dahlia's head -- or is the building harboring dark secrets from the past?

Description : Frank Herbert's wildly popular sci-fi novel gets a mesmerizing treatment from director David Lynch. It's the year 10,, and the world is fighting for control of the desert planet Dune -- the only place where Spice, a time-travel substance, can be found.

When one leader relinquishes control, it's only so he can stage a coup with some very unsavory characters. Fans of rock musician Sting will love his turn as the villain Feyd. Description : Nikki Laura Dern is a married actress who ends up bedding her co-star Justin Theroux , but is it an affair or just acting? When the two start calling each other by their characters' names, the faint line between fact and fiction gets even fuzzier in this David Lynch mystery. Jeremy Irons stars as Kingsley, the director of the film within the film who does little to help the characters -- or the audience -- distinguish reality from fantasy.

Description : Writer-director David Lynch weaves another mysteriously complex tale in this story about an amnesiac woman Laura Herring who's left stranded on Mulholland Drive and gets taken in by a young newcomer Naomi Watts who's moved to Hollywood to pursue her dreams. The two women gradually start to put the pieces of a troubling puzzle together, but the puzzle unravels a dark, sinister plot -- as well as unexpected passions. Description : Richard Paddy Considine comes home from the army bent on revenge against the local gang of dealers and thugs that brutalized his mentally disabled brother, Anthony Toby Kebbell.

Richard's one-man guerilla campaign terrorizes the bullies, who begin to turn on one another as he efficiently eliminates them one by one. Description : In this high-octane thriller, police officer Tom Armstrong Sean Patrick Flanery returns home when the FBI summons his help to track down the shrewd assassin who murdered his wife and sent him into an emotional freefall.

Now, the vengeful cop must revisit his painful past to outsmart the cold, conniving killer who derailed his future. Joe Pantoliano stars in this action-packed drama from horror director Robert Kurtzman. Description : In Monterey, Calif. Despite their camaraderie, though, Doc harbors secrets that Suzi has yet to unravel.

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