The Lazy Dogs Guide to Enlightenment

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It means we have no resistance, no denial of any concept or relationship. Therefore, to achieve enlightenment, we are not required to gather any particular set of ideas or experiences, virtues or sufferings. Anything that exists can be experienced with a completely expanded awareness. Regardless of how you have limited your awareness, you are a free and self-determined being. No other live being, nor any group of beings, can control your vibration level so there is nothing in the universe, especially the physical part of it, that can counter your free will.

You are the sole cause of your level of existence. Your internal condition is never programmed. The experience of being forced or controlled against your will can occur only when you make yourself dense, when you contract your awareness. Our reality at any level consists of whatever unique conscious beings we perceive as alive, and the process of enlightenment is expanding our comprehension of other beings, until we experience everything as a live interaction. On the other hand, the more we open up to our brothers and sisters, the less solid the world becomes.

Enlightenment is any experience of expanding our consciousness beyond its present limits. We could also say that perfect enlightenment is realizing that we have no limits at all, and that the entire universe is alive.

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The difficulty in writing about it, and in all efforts to tell how to achieve it, comes of trying to use limited terms to talk about going beyond limits. To be enlightened is to be in a state of flexible awareness, an open mind. Enlightenment is the very process of expanding, not of arriving at a different set of limits. We are not obliged to be or not be anything, as long as in our hearts and minds we are whole. What does it mean, to be whole? It means knowing that when we emphasize a positive, we are at the same time creating a negative.

When we choose an ideal of knowledge, then we must deal with the ignorance that is other than the knowledge. When we emphasize an ideal of holiness, then we must live with the sin that is its companion, and accept our responsibility for having created it. If we deny doing so, that is a contraction of awareness; we become dense, we become mass-level entities, we are incarnated in physical bodies. And we cannot control what we have denied creating, it is forced into our attention whether we like it or not, and so we live in a world of sin and ignorance. However, if we remain constantly open and unresisting to such negatives, we are not compelled to dwell on them: If we allow that ugliness is always within us, then we are free to create beauty.

If we know that stupidity is always within us, then we are free to emphasize this intelligence. Love is the highest and holiest action because it always contains that which is not love within itself, it always and ever moves to include the unloving. How often we try to figure out a cause-and-effect sequence in our experiences, when what is happening is merely a swing of alternating conditions.

We may choose a negative task, like monastic discipline, and then feel rewarded. Or conversely, we may pursue a seductive pleasure, and then feel cheated. We never stand back to see that we are just swinging like pendulums.

The Lazy Dog's Guide to Enlightenment

And many of us insist on thinking of ourselves as only kind, good, and wise: we try to be pendulums that swing only to one side. The remedy for this confusion is to be loving, to experience life without mental resistance, until we rise above mass and energy to the space level. On that level, where love is constant and our awareness is open, we will more easily comprehend the miracle of containing contradictions, opposites, and paradoxes. We will be free to experience what we choose, because we will not deny that we always contain everything other than our choice.

If you try to close your mind, you will drop back to a lower vibration. But if you look calmly at undesired events, absorb them mentally, and love yourself for disliking them, you will keep going higher. You might say that for a while you must take your bum trip with your high. As you deal with and love each new disturbing phenomenon, you will begin to realize that none of the threatening evil that bothered you has disappeared from the world.

You will see how you can change your emotions and experiences by understanding their relation to your awareness level. For instance, if your feelings fade after a deeply loving experience with someone which is especially likely if you were high on marijuana or LSD at the time , you can understand it as a fading out of being in the same space now that you are both vibrating on a lower level again. When you know that, and know that the low mood can pass just as easily as it came on, then you are less likely to make big decisions and get into arguments because of it.

You just relax your mind and watch it go by. Currently many of us are experiencing temporary highs and flashes of illumination, especially with psychedelics available. If things get weird in new ways after such euphoric times, you need not be disturbed. And that can be done only through an unresisting state of mind, a constantly expanding love. It is quite natural, in pursuing enlightenment or just in trying to be happier, to look to your everyday experiences for signs of results.

Indeed, your daily life is nothing else but an expression of your spiritual condition. Your life will change as you become more loving, but not in ways that you can exactly predict. What happens is not as important as how you react to what happens. Long before you get to where you can confidently make choices for the future, you may find that you are no longer interested in predicting much. As we have seen, as soon as we are completely willing to create a condition, it changes into something else if our minds are blocked to alternatives.

But no matter how vague and unwieldy that process seems, love will overcome it. It can be safely predicted that, as you grow more loving of yourself and others, you will in this lifetime begin seeing every person and object as a perfect form, just the way they are now. You will feel a rich pleasure in every moment. And since beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, your vibrations will be beautiful, too. We should try to comprehend the highest pleasure level, the pleasure of God, so to speak, in all that we perceive.

No one in higher consciousness wants any of us to have a miserable time on earth. You can open yourself to the diamondlike perfection of everything you see and feel. No one on the space level ever puts barriers or tests in the way of someone who is trying to raise his spiritual level. Hindsight may make it look as though you were being tested, but in truth you are always being allowed to decide for yourself, to define the universe that is real to you.

Higher beings are only too happy when you show yourself loving enough to rise. You will be given every help and chance when you ask for it, whether you ask by taking LSD or any other way, be it simple prayer or writing a letter to Santa Claus. You are never asked to torment or frustrate yourself. And it is easy to rise on the wings of love. No matter how convincing any perception of any level of reality, no matter how overwhelming, intricate and complex, you are still seeing only a fragment within our true reality: being just us, unresisting, unattached, loving all. It is also all right to have a good time in sexual relations.

In truth, a satisfying orgasm is a spiritual realization more than a technical accomplishment. The flesh is not apart from the spirit. The body is an ecstatic creation of many beings vibrating on other levels of consciousness. As in all other experiences, we always have the sexual experiences we deserve, depending on our loving kindness towards ourselves and others. The ecstasy of sex can be considered a mirror to our psychic dissolution in the space of our divine brothers and sisters in the higher levels of expansion.

Making love is one demonstration of how space relations ask us to surrender in love, and absorb the differences and imperfections and beauties of other beings. If this is so, why is asceticism so often recommended as a spiritual path, and why does it sometimes appear to work?

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As we saw in the preceding chapter, when you push hard in one direction, you are likely to be swung into a state other than what you intend. When you insist on having only sensual pleasure, you will, unless your mind is open, be thrown into a state where asceticism seems like the right course. And when you go far enough in asceticism, you may be thrown into bliss and ecstasy, as many saints have told us. Also, if you complain loud enough, you will be given a flash of insight into higher consciousness. But such flashes, though they presently make up most of what humanity knows of space, are not the entire light, no matter how convincing they feel.

And these flashes are unstable, they are not the most comfortable way to get home. You will not be able to stay on higher levels when you get there through such negative emphasis. No matter what high-minded rationalizations you comfort yourself with for coming back to earth, asceticism will keep bringing you back to the physical plane until you love enough to rise above it on a positive path. Indeed, it is love itself that is the positive path to space. There is no wisdom or holiness that is ever an excuse for the failure to love, in ourselves or others.

And in sexual relations, again, love overcomes the pendulum effect, the yin-yang of concepts, and at last we have a rational way to explain why love must be the first motive in sex. But love in this intention is much broader than romantic passion, and it must begin with loving yourself.

If you love everything you feel and do, including your emotionally dry and empty moods, your pleasure will keep coming back. If you find sex unrewarding, it just means that in this lifetime or another you insisted too much on the other side of the balance. It is the action of contracting your awareness that makes any condition compulsory. Also it is important not to judge others for their pleasures of the flesh.

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What you deny to others will be denied to you, for the plain reason that you are always legislating for yourself, all your words and actions define the world you want to live in. One of the necessary laws for our relations as equal beings is this: What you say, goes—but only for you and those who agree with you. If you say a man should not receive help undeservedly, it may not affect his life much, but it will hold for you: you will not get undeserved help. It is precisely your unlimited power to control your experience that hangs you up. How much compassion and forgiveness do you want for yourself?

Give it to others. Go to the extreme: forgive all beings for their karmic debts to you. Grant to others the freedom, the love, the consciousness that you want for yourself. Music shows us how to maintain pleasure and ecstasy. Normally we tend to think of a moment of euphoric realization as unbearable and impossible to continue.

It slips away and then we pursue it again. It does so because we are unwilling to let it go, we are unwilling to conceive of being away from it. But if we take the example of music, letting go of one note to hear the next, then our pleasure can be constant though the vibrations change. The orchestra of the world plays the familiar melodies again and again, and the old folks stand around and tap their feet while the young ones dance. It is not my intention to have anyone remember all the transistorized thinking in this book, but I highly recommend memorizing the italic lines below.

They are simple enough to stay with you and will work in any mental crisis.

Book Review of "The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment" by Thaddeus Golas

Keep them handy in your mind. One of my psychedelic excursions had gotten off to a bad start, and I was sinking into a really satanic bummer. No resistance. This does not mean that you must be physically passive or meekly put up with bad vibrations or rip-offs. This means no resistance in your mind. Be free in your head, act out of love, and do what feels good.

There is no action that is always right or wrong: the only true variable is the love with which you act. Love as much as you can from wherever you are. This line is especially good to recall when you feel frightened, crazy, or have taken some bad dope. Write it on the wall of your room. You may not want to love what you feel or see, you may not be able to convince yourself that you could love it at all.

But just decide to love it. Love it the way it is. The way you see the world depends entirely on your own vibration level. When your vibration changes, the whole world will look different. The way to raise your vibration level is to feel more love. Start by loving your negative feelings, your own boredom, dullness and despair. For the purpose of raising your awareness, it is useless to change your ideas, your faith, your behavior, your place of residence, or your companions.

It is not arbitrary nor an accident that you are where you are, so you might as well get your attitude straight before you make a change. Otherwise you might find yourself chasing all over creation looking for the right place, and not even the Sea of Infinite Bliss will feel right to you. You take yourself with you wherever you go. There is never anyplace in the universe to be except among your equals.

The direction of change to seek is not in our four dimensions: it is getting deeper into what you are, where you are, like turning up the volume on the amplifier. Love yourself. Actually much of what we now think of as our selves— our bodies, our minds, our emotions—involves billions of other beings. Being the ego consciousness of a human body is a little like being Mayor of New York City.

The ego is not the only awareness concerned with the survival or function of your body. We are free, as individual, unique entities, to leave any group, such as the group that forms the body, but we will find other beings to harmonize with on any level we go to. And the more loving you are, the more loving the beings within and around you. On all levels we are mutually dependent vibrations. Play a happy tune and happy dancers will join your trip. In another sense, loving yourself is a willingness to be in the same space with your own creations.

How contracted would you become if you try to withdraw from your own ideas? Loving yourself is not a matter of building your ego. Egotism is proving you are worthwhile after you have sunk into hating yourself. Loving yourself will dissolve your ego: you will feel no need to prove you are superior. We have a flood of ideas and names for many different kinds of human behavior, but much of what we do obeys certain common rules of expansion and contraction.

As I said, the rules do not come from anywhere outside ourselves. If we conceive that we are equal beings, then certain truths must follow about our relationships with each other. We may call these truths the source of fairness and justice, but such names do not matter. It seems pointless to try to be convincing about this in words, compared to what you will comprehend when you flash on this divine order and justice for yourself when you are meditating or high on psychedelics.

I can offer only limited speculation on how these rules show up in our human experience. The idea of equality has often been taken to mean dropping to the lowest common denominator, or settling for the characterless common middle. Equality as I am suggesting it is our coming together at the level of highest awareness, pure space, without attachment or resistance, with complete freedom of experience and consciousness, merging with others in whatever ecstasy or calm we choose.

In all the vibration levels less than the highest, there are illusions of quantity and value, of greater and lesser love, intelligence, and powers. We appear to each other according to the vibrations we choose to emphasize, but we are equal in potential. And that these comments on space sound like a peculiar and unverifiable fantasy? As concerns verification, I believe that the concept of equal entities can lead to a reintegration of currently available data in physics, and that we may then extrapolate from that information to describe the laws of our relations on a universal scale.

Meanwhile I must indulge in some rough guesswork about how we got to the mass level in the first place. We can start with a paradox at the highest level: expanded beings, completely unresisting, are also completely irresistible. Space beings are entirely permissive to other beings, but when one of us contracts, he becomes dense to the extent of his contraction, and is then in appearance propelled by the space beings.

The experience of being propelled and later compelled is due entirely to the density of the contracted beings. Space beings have no intention to propel or compel anyone to do anything. All conceivable universes in all conceivable dimensions exist in the One Mind as pure idea or archetype. When any of us withdraws from a willingness to create any aspect of that, we drop to a lower vibration level. For this illustration, imagine we are a great number of energy beings who are indifferent to the idea of Pluto the Dog. Since we are denser than space beings, they would propel us, and we would appear in space as a flowing, flashing image of Pluto the Dog, looking like a fireworks display, perhaps.

Imagine, then, some of us, more than indifferent, who deny the concept of Pluto the Dog, withdrawing to the mass level. Our mass, being even denser than the energy, is compelled to take the form denied, and behold the physical manifestation of Pluto the Dog. In this manner, what is denied on the conceptual level, the space level, becomes manifest on the physical plane. Of course, the truth is not quite that cut-and-dried, but it will give you the idea. Space appears to propel energy, and energy appears to compel matter. But these reactions cannot occur without the density of the more withdrawn beings.

There was something that freaked you, or more likely a whole series of ideas that you were unwilling to conceive of or love, so that gradually your vibrations dropped to a mass level, and you found yourself being a body. Pain is the experience of not being able to get into the same space with others. But all you need do to get free of pain, to get un-stupid, is to be willing to be aware of anything that enters your consciousness. There are many events closer to earth in which we can see the compulsion-by-denial process working.

Of all the paradoxes with which we struggle on the material level, the failure of good intentions is perhaps one of the most baffling. Good people try to do good things and get bad results. Peaceful youths are jailed, spiritual communes are attacked, and flower children become bombers. Often in history spiritual revivals have been followed by bloodshed and persecution. Perhaps we can now understand why these things happen. What you cannot think about, you cannot control. What you cannot conceive of in your awareness, you will stumble over in your path.

Violent human beings are precisely those who refuse at some time to conceive that they could be violent. It also happens that if you are unwilling to conceive of people being the victims of violence, you may become a victim yourself, for you will not be sufficiently aware of how it happens to avoid it. Everything that is manifest begins in the spirit: every evil that is manifest to us is there because we refused to conceive of causing it, or denied someone else the freedom to conceive of it.

The way out, as hard as it may be to believe, is not by resisting further, by moving the furniture around, but by being willing to conceive of it—by loving it, in short. As we should have done in the first place. Unfortunately, most people with good intentions are trying to deny or eliminate what is already manifest. And many spiritual revivals are a deeper denial of the facts of our vibration level. What can we do about evil?

A great deal, if our heads are clear. Once you have cleared your head on the matter, then do whatever feels right to you. Evil occurs as a secondary reality, after you have withdrawn to a low vibration level. The seduction of evil is precisely in that it involves us in trying to eliminate it. When your consciousness is open, any action you take in reference to evil has no more significance than digging a ditch to channel floodwaters away from a house. By all means, go to the doctor when you are sick; disable someone trying to hurt you; ask unpleasant people to leave your house; start a revolution: just keep your awareness open all the while, and know that your evil has manifested itself in your life because of your lack of love.

The true enemy, if there is one, is in yourself, in your failure to love enough. But there is no moral judgment in our involvement with evil. As we have seen earlier, thoughts are certainly powerful when conceived by expanded beings. But trying to withdraw from thoughts is what got us incarnated on a mass level in the first place. If you avoid negative thoughts, they will sooner or later manifest themselves physically.

It is your resistance to the negative thought, whether you bring it to consciousness or not, that makes it manifest in your life. What am I doing on a level of consciousness where this is real? That is the first question to ask yourself when you become aware of something ugly or evil or stupid. We are always in a context of our equals, and the justice of love is always perfect.

The universe is an infinite tapestry of perfectly ordered love relationships, and when you are loving enough, you rise. Your movement as a being is not horizontal through time, so to speak. All states of consciousness are available right now. There is a jewel of perfect ecstasy of being who you are. You are at the level of consciousness that has the greatest pleasure and ecstasy you are capable of accepting. Regardless of what I tell myself, or what I have at times experienced, my greatest pleasure right now is to be penniless in a room in San Francisco writing this book.

Try these sayings during meditation: I surrender to this reality. I have no resistance to this reality. I am one with this reality. I surrender to the justice of our equality. I have no resistance to the justice of our equality. I am one with the justice of our equality. I hope you will find it encouraging to learn how these general ideas apply to eliminating evils in yourself, to spiritual self-improvement.

The more bad thoughts and feelings you try to weed out of yourself, the more there will be. Since I myself have certain preferences for what I want to do, I must be wary of passing these on as having the dignity of law. Therefore I must necessarily become even more personal in this chapter, and make my bias clear. I am lazy, and it bothers me to see people strenuously pursuing self-improvement goals by methods that will not work, and urging me to do the same. They are often the loveliest of people, and I would love to join them if I thought they would succeed.

On the other hand, perhaps they know the goal will never be reached by their means, and I am the fool for exposing what everyone secretly knows. I am playing the game of refusing pointless games, which may be the most pointless of all. Obviously there is a danger here of wandering in circles, but if someone else knew what was in this chapter, I would want him to tell me, so I must take a small risk.

A structure is any relation between entities that avoids dissolving. The self that you know as a human being is a structure, an organization of billions of entities. An odd thing about structures is that they will dissolve both from success and failure, so the problem, if you want a structure, is to maintain a tension somewhere between the two. The idea that structures will disintegrate when completely successful struck me as peculiar, and I made a list of hasty examples: a victorious empire inevitably breaks up into parts or collapses when it reaches its peak and is unopposed.

The genius goes insane. A dominant species mysteriously becomes extinct A cell divides in two. The magician goes mad. Hence people are cautious about success or power too easily gained on some level. On some level, the structure invokes a self-imposed limit on success, including success in pursuing spiritual awareness.

Spiritual leaders keep telling us the ego must die to be reborn, but we hold back. The structure preserves itself. We love to worry about dangers to human survival. Unless it is a real one, like the atomic bomb or germ war-fare. As a normal process, we define ourselves, we find out who we are, by what we disagree with. We human beings, almost alone among species, have solved the problem of maintaining negative tension by being our own worst enemies.

Negative emphasis results in an intensified structure and a stronger ego. Even though some of these activities, like self-denial, are carried on under the banner of spiritual search, the result is the same. On a subtle level we know that most spiritual endeavors will not succeed, but we go on maintaining the fantasy that they are admirable.

Many of us have no intention of really succeeding in dissolving our attachment to structure and going to another plane of existence. But what of those, wise and serious, who zealously pursue enlightenment by traditional methods? Since we know that negative methods of getting high will not lead to a stable experience of space, what is it that makes yoga rewarding? If you limit your experience to phenomena you are completely willing to conceive of, such as the contents of a cave in Tibet, you will certainly get high sooner or later.

But as soon as you walk out of the cave, you will find people behaving just as they did before. And if you are not willing to be the cause of their behavior, and love them as they are, your vibration level will drop. And then you may preach about how evil the world is, how corrupt cities are, how sinful people are.

Insofar as we are seriously concerned about evil, not just as a negative-tension game, we should see that we need not be concerned with evil as a physical manifestation: it is that such manifestations have their source in space-level concepts that exist in timeless possibility. It is as a concept that evil is real and is always within us. If we cannot learn how to deal with it on earth, we will be plagued with it even in heaven. Even if you are not just testing your structure, the motive for purifying yourself —that you feel spiritually impure—will prevent any genuine gain until you learn to love the impurity you started with.

Can any being seriously think that he is going to pass through the infinity of time without ever making another mistake? Quite often a flash of enlightenment will give you this message: Go back to where you started and learn to love it more. There is another handicap to conventional methods of self-elevation: if you identify with a status system of spiritual values, it can produce unloving snobbery towards your brothers. The justice of our relations is exact, and if you are unloving the results will manifest explicitly.

The positive way to define your ego is to be one with the cause of it: love it the way it is, then freely choose whatever behavior feels good to you. Changing your vibration level, raising your love level, is the only action that results in a real change for the better. Group encounters, sexual freedom, revolution, yoga, diets, asceticism, rock music, dope, all means are dependent on your interest and creative power to be effective.

They work only while your attention to them is aroused. There really are more loving games than improving yourself or reforming other people, or otherwise using negative tension to harden your structure. Keep in mind that your survival does not depend on any structure. You are a unity, an entity just like all the others in the universe. The only wrongness in any activity is being withdrawn from awareness of what you are doing.

We can play these same silly games with a lot more pleasure when we are aware of what we are really doing. When you offer people spiritual solutions —or solutions of any kind for anything, for that matter—you are asking them to give up what makes them feel active, alive, defined— their ego structure. Well, just for starters, take it that every human being is a perfect whatever-it-is right now. Every state of consciousness is perfect and complete, and does not need to be changed. And every change of consciousness is perfect and complete, and does not need to be static.

We can vary our experience of time by changing our vibrations, just as we alter our perception of the rest of the physical universe. Our concepts, feelings, and limited relations have beginnings and endings in time, but we do not. On the space level, when we are completely expanded, the time is always now.

When you look at a lake, there is no water in your mind. Put another way, the awareness of a hard object has no hardness in it. The awareness of confusion is not confused. The awareness of insanity is not insane. The awareness of the passage of time takes no time, there is no time in it. And the more expanded our consciousness, the less compulsion we are involved in. Our subjective awareness of time is often at variance with the clock. Many of us by now are familiar with distortions of time when high on marijuana, and of course the stronger psychedelics go to greater extremes.

How does this happen? A brief guess at the sources of the time experience is highly worth while, because it suggests how practical it is to look to your own vibration level before reacting to what you think is an external reality. Think of perception as a kind of radar: your wave goes out and bounces back from an object. If your perceptual vibrations are very slow, your waves will give you one message about where the cup is when it starts falling, another flash when it is halfway to the floor, and another when it hits.

But if you are vibrating quickly, you will get many messages as the cup starts to fall, telling you the direction it is going, and you will feel as though you have plenty of time to reach over and catch it if you want to. Note carefully that when your vibrations are slow, events seem to happen fast, and you will feel that events are happening too fast for you to control them.

And you may therefore feel impelled to try that much harder to exercise control. You may try to establish habits of orderly behavior, and you may resent disorderly people. This is one origin of the power trip. You may try to get away from disturbing events by moving to the country, or turn off your consciousness with hard drugs or liquor. But the faster you are vibrating and the more messages you get back from your environment, the slower events will appear to be happening, and the more you will feel you are in control. The more you love, the faster you vibrate, then the less need you feel to control anything, and you are not fearful of change and variety.

You experience everything deeper and slower and more lovingly. The higher the ratio of expansion to contraction in yourself, the more expanded and loving you are, the faster you vibrate. The secondary reality is useful in the sense that it will always give you a clear picture of your vibration level. If the world looks beautiful and safe, you are vibrating fast; if it looks gloomy, dull, or frightening, then you are vibrating slow, and you need to love yourself for vibrating too slow.

Inside yourself or outside, you never have to change what you see, only the way you see it. It is useless to try to escape any difficulty by contracting your consciousness. You will have to climb back up any hill you roll down, you will have to do it sooner or later, in this lifetime or another, because our true nature is beyond time.

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Never pull your attention away from a scene impulsively because it looks ugly, unpleasant, or painful. Make a conscious decision, the words are enough, to love yourself for seeing it as revolting. If possible, keep your attention on it until it turns beautiful, or at least until you are indifferent to it. Staying with it is important. You may hide in your room or leave the city, but you as an entity will still be stuck on a low vibration level of denial if you pull away suddenly.

It will seem like the strangest of coincidences when, having withdrawn your attention sharply from one unpleasant scene, you keep running into others like it. That will baffle you, and keep happening until you come to an unpleasantness you can tolerate or love, and your vibrations go up.

Look at it, love it, and then get away! What else is freedom for? And as long as there is free will, there are always going to be some beings creating vibrations you do not like, no matter what level you are on. After a few experiences with loving weird events, you will be tuned in enough to get early warning when someone is likely to rip you off or otherwise stir up bad vibrations, when the cup is starting to fall, so to speak, and you will be able to make the right moves before it gets too involved. Pay attention, here and now.

No matter what others are doing, you are the only one who is responsible for what happens to you. There is nothing in the external event that in the least way determines your feelings and experiences: your life is entirely governed by your vibrations, what they tell you and how you respond. The slower your vibrations, the more unpleasant your life: you will contend with more conflict, mass, and pain. Events will happen too fast for control, yet time will seem interminable because you can see no way out.

But when you raise your vibration level, you can neatly sidestep collisions, both psychic and physical, and quite literally change the world for the better. Love is the strongest magic of all. Why are we attached to structures? Why do we stick to our vibration level? Why do we fear change? There are a lot of words for how it feels to be completely expanded: total awareness, completeness, freedom, love, ecstasy, certainty, stability, supreme intelligence, compassion. I think it will be least vague in this instance to discuss our interactions in terms of stability. Absolute stability exists naturally at the space level, because all relationships are persistent to the degree that the beings involved have the same expansion.

But on the more contracted levels, where there is by definition some withdrawal of awareness, we accordingly have less control over how long the stable condition lasts. And when we are relating to beings whose vibrations are higher or lower than ours, we feel unstable and uncertain. In an unstable relationship, we have basically two ways to go, regardless of the subtleties of the changes: one way is towards stability, reaching a common level of vibration, the other way is towards disintegration, getting so far apart in vibrations that we are no longer aware of each other at all.

If the other person is lower, we will generally try to get him up to our level, to help him and cheer him up. But if the other person is higher, we will often, at first, try to bring him down and get him to lower his vibrations. Note that when you try to help someone you are working against his natural, perhaps unconscious effort to bring you down.

How could there be? Who is there to reincarnate? They are wrong for one simple reason… they are not enlightened. They don't know what's going on. So in order to keep the illusion of personality, of the idea that there is something or someone, they invent stories, or theories, or ideas, wear special clothes, perform certain rituals, and so on. They teach this stuff. But the truth is so simple, it is laughable. Now let me make a clear distinction on one point:. Mystical experience is not enlightenment. You may have mystical experiences, see God, get abducted by aliens, receive messages from an angel, contact your spirit guides… the list could go on.

If I could teach the world a lesson, it would be this - no matter what you experience, always remind yourself,. If you do this long enough and often enough, you will one day know what's going on. When that day comes you will realize nothing has changed, yet everything has changed.

It is a feeling and a knowing. An inescapable falling away of untruth. If you think you know it then you don't. When you know it, you do. And when you do know it, no one can take it away from you. Some points to clear up. When I said the enlightened person never acts I did not mean such people sit in a cave and die of starvation and exposure.

I mean the body can be quite active and manifest all manner of good and bad behavior. The mind can be racing with thoughts and feelings, but consciousness, now enlightened, knows no one is acting. It is only the universe blossoming forth spontaneously and perfectly. As consciousness you are more aware of the feelings of the body, physically and emotionally. You don't feel these things, but you are aware of them because there is no division between them and consciousness.

The Universe and Consciousness are equivalent - remember the equation,. Also, the thing we call personality or ego does not totally vanish. It can remain intact along with the body. It behaves and interacts and changes over time like any person would, but the enlightened one knows they are not that ego. Some schools emphasize the destruction of the ego as the only means of liberation.

All that is really required is the realization that you are not that ego. That the ego doesn't actually exist, but is rather an illusion of sorts that can be left to its own designs. It's not really there, but it appears to be there. And that is just fine - don't worry. If the ego begins to fade that's okay too. Remember, there is no experiencer. Let me talk briefly about practice. Meditation and book study are useful and can ripen an individual towards awakening, but the most important thing is to change your perspective.

You must learn to see what is really going on. Understand, in reality everyone is enlightened, but not everyone knows how to perceive this. The reason is, enlightenment is so natural, so obvious, that from birth we have become accustomed to ignoring it in preference to anything else that manifests. Meditation can train you to still the mind and gain concentration, but it will not give you enlightenment. A radical shift in perspective must occur; the habitual focus of your awareness and your way of perceiving must be changed.

Study of books will not get you there. You need a shock. The easiest way I know is for an enlightened person to talk you into this perspective shift. The best books I have read were the ones that talked you into enlightenment. Feeling experiments such as the house scenario we looked at earlier are good ways to help evoke the feeling of enlightenment. It's creepy, not blissful or ecstatic. It should scare you, the body should react defensively, or there could be uncontrolled laughter at how stupid you have been for so long.

It's like one of those 3-D dot pictures - you stare and stare at those dots until, bingo! After that, you can always see it; it can't be unlearned. It's the same with enlightenment. Basically any practice that can shock you into seeing what is really going on is acceptable. But understand: you want to know what's really going on, to feel it, to contact reality.

It shouldn't take long, a few years at most, less for some. If a practice or a teacher tells you it will take 10 or 20 years, find a new practice or teacher.

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Remember, you are your own salvation. Ultimately it is you who will wake you up. Any method that can shock you into seeing what is really going on is acceptable, but the perspective shift must occur. Let me try to bring some clarity to the subject of enlightenment and morality. It has been said that enlightenment produces compassion and love and that many enlightened ones forgo release into Nirvana and reincarnate again and again until all souls have obtained enlightenment, the Bodhisattva vow and such.

None of this is enlightenment. Enlightenment is not about morality or vows, it is simply existence in the truth, that is all. Enlightenment carries no requirements and expects nothing; the universe manifests, and just that is enlightenment. We don't seek enlightenment to be happy or to give our lives meaning or to feel bliss or ecstasy. Loyalty to a flag is not enlightenment, love is not enlightenment, hate is not enlightenment. If you see these as the fruit of enlightenment then you are wrong.

Instead, each of these are enlightenment themselves. They are each spontaneous emergences out of and as consciousness. Action, feeling, creation, performance, love, hate, murder, salvation, compassion, each is enlightenment itself. There is no doer, no experiencer. There is only manifestation. This is the truth.

This is enlightenment. I want you to understand that while nothing ultimately changes, in human terms much change takes place. This happens because once you recognize what's going on, the main motivations of life begin to drop away. The level of dropping away is no doubt unique to the individual, but is directly proportional to how much you desire to resolve into reality.

What I mean is, it is possible to be enlightened and still try to retain a level of unconsciousness in order to interact in human affairs. As time passes, this state will be harder to maintain. It is similar to suspending your disbelief when watching a movie. You pretend to believe in the reality of what is going on. You cry with the characters, you laugh with them, you hope with them, etc.

You do this for the entertainment, to get your money's worth. This is the way real life is with enlightenment. You know there really is no one. You know that it is just a display, a machine-like emergence out of and as consciousness. Yet you must believe it at some level, or you will simply lose the ability to interact in the world. I can see why some enlightened ones have isolated themselves or become hermits. For the last year this has been an issue I personally have struggled with. How to know the truth and continue to interact with the world as if you believe it?

You have to pretend to believe, while always knowing the truth. Some things are unavoidable of course; I was an avid reader but now can barely open up a book. I loved and played the guitar for years but now have zero interest in picking one up. Even writing these few words is a colossal effort. The reason? Deliberate effort is an affront to reality, where nothing is deliberate, everything is spontaneous, and nothing at all is going on.

But don't mistake me here. I have not invented a rule of behavior where I have decided I must act less because to do otherwise would be an affront to reality; rather, the natural outcome of enlightenment is less and less action, less and less thought. This is a natural development within the enlightened person. Eventually all action will be spontaneous and the person will not be acting. Of course, this statement is not ultimately true, because in reality no one ever acts.

But from the human vantage point this is how it plays out. Memory is also a tricky thing. The memories of your life are still there and can be jogged into awareness, but as time progresses and enlightenment begins to dissolve you, your access to them becomes more difficult. Your awareness becomes centered in the events of the present as they manifest. This is natural, since these are the only events that actually exist.

The person and the ego are simply dissolving. They don't really exist but the illusion that they do becomes less a part of awareness. You don't remember and you don't care. Let me make a point about Zen breath-watching. Most people just don't get it, and most Zen schools don't make it any easier for students to get it. There are all kinds of books on Zen meditation, catalogs where you can buy all the cool silk clothes, cushions, gongs, incense, and a host of other aids to Zen breath-watching. But once you have all that stuff and finally sit your butt down, close your eyes and start watching your breath, what exactly are you doing?

Why are you doing that? I ask people this all the time and really piss them off. What are you trying to accomplish? Why do you watch your breath? The reason they don't know is because they are not enlightened. If they were, then they might not even meditate anymore. Or maybe they would. admin