Cows are NOT Supposed to Jump Over the Moon!

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The Cow Tripped Over the Moon

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And The Cow Jumped Over The Moon - #HolyCow #MotherCow #CowVigilantism - INNFINITY

The Soviet Luna 2 probe became the first human-made object to strike the moon 13 September and Luna 3 imaged the moon's hidden Farside 6 October But did she make it on the first attempt? Or were there many, many tries before the famous rhyme. This is a fantastic read aloud, told in terrific rhyme and filled with slapstick humour. We LOVE it. Great illustrations too.

We especially like the perseverance message. The story is all about what happened leading up to the Cow jumping over the moon. From tripping over, to hitting a hot air balloon, slow run-ups, riding meteorites and blazing bottoms, Cow hits an all-time low. But the encouragement of his dog, cat, dish and spoon mates sparks the determination in this fiesty creature, and the rhyme ends happily ever after.

We all know the rhyme, right? Great fun rhyming text, at times playfully irreverent the dog laughed till he barfed combined with atypical nursery style illustrations more in the style of Reg Mombassa and his Mambo art in heritage federation colours giving it a paradoxical age-old yet modern feel widens the scope of readership appeal. After some rigorous training supported by her friends, during the hours of one moonlit night we see the various disastrous failed attempts until the last triumphant effort as the sun rises. The witty rhyming text in the original metre is enlivened by vignettes of all involved in the seemingly impossible task, while the timed lift-off-scenes throughout the night are spread across double pages to give scope for each flight-path.

Text and illustrations work harmoniously in true picture book fashion to enrich, enliven and elaborate on the original simple tale, while applauding the virtues of perseverance and the need for helpful friends. Well new reports just at hand is that she didn't actually make it the first time!

Join the cow, Rover the dog, the cat, the dish and the spoon as they take us through the numerous attempts at bovine calisthenics. A story about never giving up and friends that will see you through the tough times. Cow is large, and the moon is a long way away. How many attempts will it take before cow is able actually to jump over the moon?

She keeps falling over something at each attempt. The verse is delightful—light, but flows well, and I think that this book will be a favourite of children from years.

Be the Cow That Jumps Over the

Tying in with the original song, the dish runs off with the spoon. Our brave Cow didn't just simply 'jump the moon'.

Oh no! This was an epic tale of training and perseverance … This is an absolutely hilarious picture book. The illustrations are gorgeous, delightfully conveying the struggles of Cow and the valiant efforts of Cat, Fiddle, Dog, Dish and Spoon to support their friend. From the early training days Cow lifting weights, doing push-ups, being pushed up in sit-ups, and chasing a doughnut on a treadmill right through all EIGHT moon-jump attempts, we are there with Cow, cheering her on.

And despite all the obstacles tripping over Dog, hitting a hot air balloon, totally losing her mojo, jumping the sun — ouch! Yes, these are valuable life lessons for anyone, child or adult, but it's not often that we get to learn them in such a fun format. I loved this book and so did my daughter.

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It's hard to pick which one of us will be reading it more! We also know the classic nursery rhyme about the cow jumping over the moon. Her perseverance and achievement are acknowledged when her friends, the cat with the fiddle, the little dog, the dish and the spoon, compose the rhyme dedicated to her. This is an imaginative extension of the original nursery rhyme, written in easy-to-read, hilarious verse and supported by colourful, full-page illustrations.

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