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Aron's peaceful life on his father's farm ended abruptly and he struggled with galling captivity in the palace while he formed a fearsome corps of expert fighters. They managed to escape fleeing into the wilds but their new life is tenuous with daily challenges merely to survive. His problems seem to mount on a daily basis with his personal struggles with the significant women in his life, the barbaric savages living in the wilds, and then the shocking discovery that threatens the world with a nightmare resurrected.

Their limited understanding of their whole world has left them vulnerable. Can Aron and the allies rise to meet the challenge?

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They don't know the answer to that question, and they fear the worst under the circumstances. It seems like everyone has read this but me. I was sent a copy to review by Walker Books Australia. I need this book in my life.

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I cannot wait to see what happens next in the story. Plus the covers are gorgeous. The Winter People by Rebekah L. Now I have a reason to. The cover is so pretty. I read the first book, These Broken Stars, this month and loved it. My review is on my blog. I plan on reading this soon, within the next two months depending on where i can fit it in.

But I want it read before the next book, Their Fractured Light, comes out later in the year. Some more than once. My copies are the 20th anniversary editions. Never picked it up again. Then a week later there it is, in the clearance sale with another sale on top of that. I have to start reading them soon.

Shattered World (Broken World, book 2) by Kate L Mary

I love the covers on these books. After all the library books, which is a never ending pile on my bookcase, I might read These Broken Stars. I think I might have to read this first. The second book I picked up was Landline by Rainbow Rowell. I read Landline last year in one sitting. I really liked it. I think I liked Eleanor and Park and Landline the most.

I do want my own copy of Eleanor and Park though. Just looking at all these amazing covers makes me want to read them all over again. Let me know what your favorite covers are! Blind date with a book! I think this is a brilliant, beyond brilliant idea. The picture above links to the most recent Tumblr post I saw on my dash but below are a few places where you can actually purchase said blind dates with books. Lilac LaRoux and Tarver Merendsen survive — alone.

Shattered World

Lilac is the daughter of the richest man in the universe. Tarver comes from nothing, a cynical war hero.

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  8. Both journey across the eerie deserted terrain for help. Everything changes when they uncover the truth. I picked this one up at a local bookstore for that cover and that synopsis I mean, can you really blame me? Negative regrets actually because I just purchased the second book in the series! Also, a spaceliner named Icarus?

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    Yes, please. Daedalus creates wings from feathers and wax that allows them to escape the island. Daedalus warns against flying too high or the wax would melt, but Icarus flies too high anyway and ultimately his wings melt and he dies in the ocean.

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    This book was truly refreshing. I read a lot of fantasy young adult novels, and recently a trend has been substituting romance for plot. These Broken Stars had romance obviously , but really it was a survival story. There was mystery, threat of death, love, adventure, and I just really, really enjoyed this story. The novel switched viewpoints between Tarver and Lilac, and the authors did a really great job of keeping their voices separate.

    Tarver was Tarver and he did not sound like Lilac. I also appreciated that when they were thinking of each other, they were wrong as often as they were right. When Tarver was looking at Lilac and guessing what she was thinking, sometimes he would be wrong. I really appreciated this because I felt that it was realistic. Because this was a survival story, most of the book only has the two main characters.

    Even though there was a lack of supporting characters for good reason , these two characters had such character development. Truly, I loved watching these characters grow separately and eventually grow together. They were faced with some pretty crazy obstacles but I was able to follow their reasoning and understand their motivations. AK and MS did some spectacular world building and I was ecstatic to discover this was going to be a three book series i. I already bought book 2. Three love stories.

    One enemy. Give it to me now. December 1, December 1, Leave a comment. September 14, September 12, Leave a comment. September 7, September 7, 3 Comments. Unpopular Opinions Book Tag We all have books we love that others hate and books we hate that others love.

    Tis life.

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    Well, think about that the next time you rant about a book you hate; you never know who loves it! August 12, August 12, Leave a comment. August 10, August 1, Leave a comment.

    This Shattered World by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

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