How To Come Alive: A Guidebook to Living the Life of Your Dreams

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What can you offer the world that no one else can? Perhaps there are some aspects that others may find useful in their journey. A palm for those on their way from the pilgrimage and a pointer for those trying to get there. What Can I really offer? To learn from this and share, because what I find within myself is universal for all people. What will you make of it? Give and share from experience as you have a sole insight into your experience. Never stop learning from babes and old souls with humility and humor.

I loved reading your guide in bits and pieces throughout the day yesterday and today. I am going to read over it and over it again. It is nothing new to me, to be honest, which is what I think I love most about it… it just re-affirms everything that I am currently working on and working towards. Thank you for that! Gosh, your quotes are fantastic. I have to say, you have a talent with writing and with words.

Thank you for sharing your talent with us. To answer your questions: 1 — What do you really want to get out of life? Do what makes you happy. Live in a place that makes you happy. Because we are all individuals, even if I was to say the same thing as Psiplex or Aura Mae or anyone else who responds to your question, it would still be different and something that no one else can offer.

Thank you for taking the time to write this report! I have posted your link on my Facebook page and on my Blog… and I am super excited about your upcoming book. I plan on non-conforming and try to break away from the money problem every movement entails, by doing a world-changing movement that requires no money, the point of which is to get people to avoid needing money! There are too many free things out there today to require an organization to have to ask for money. I have had the idea for a long time but reading your manifesto has helped me narrow it down and encourage me to get going.

This morning, I was reading an article about horse racing. Then I came in here and read your Manifesto. To say it inspired me is an understatement! Brilliantly written! And to know that nothing is impossible. If I needed more proof that I must put your words into action, your last line before acknowledgements sealed it up for me:. Having plenty of difficulty reading the even-numbered pages in Adobe Acrobat 8 — the initial page appears usually text with circles? I hope you do accomplish your goal of going to every country. Enjoy yourself Mr.

Remarkable Guillebeau! The other three examples that you gave demonstrate how these people have achieved greatness and given to other people through what they have done. Very useful read.

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It is always great to read that something trying to inspire people to go out there and be useful to the world and stop living a nothing life. No one forward this one to Kim Jong-il, cool? Here are my answers to the two most important questions in the universe:. I want to live a long life with my family and friends. I want to help people succeed and live healthy lives. I can offer my experience with color selection for living and work spaces for optimum health and well being. I can offer colorful and sacred artwork. I feel called to this work! I feel so hopeful. I am truly grateful for your writing Chris!

I cannot thank you enough for helping me change my life! My heart and head were racing right all the way through, with much reading aloud and loudly to the husband and many side conversations as we sorted through your stories and observations. My dream is to enjoy useful, engaging, and lucrative work with the flexibility to live comfortably, give generously, travel regularly, sleep in, hang out, get fit, and cook and eat luxuriously until the end of my days. But for my unique contribution to the world? I look forward to reading more tomorrow. Sorry to hear of the technical problem. Chris, Many congrats on completing and presenting this!

Inspiring stuff, for sure. Once again, congrats on the launch! Very thought-provoking and well-written. Contrary to what you may hear from the latest self-help book, true success does not come from passive visualization or wishful thinking. It takes action, planning, and sacrifice. Best of luck in your travels. At least for me. Hopefully that will be fixed today, but for now, just go to. As a Spanish native speaker and in fact translator, I offer my help for this purpose.

Just contact me. I just got through reading your document. It was really inspiring. What a difficult questions for me, but I will do my homework… thanks for the first advice, It moved something in my brain this morning. We have had the answers all along, but many people have either not been exposed or were not ready to embrace them when they were.

If this is old hat stuff to you, what have you been reading? Please share the books, blogs, etc. And what a great comment. And yet, thankfully, blessedly, we continue to create what is new to us , what will be re discovered by those connected to us, and what will be unique because of our individual perspectives, whether or not it is new. Remarkable content to stir me up. I will focus on the two questions you asked. Chris- I really enjoyed reading your manifesto. It has encouraged me and given me added drive to achieve my dreams, that have become goals.

As an earlier poster indicated — this is a lot of common sense — things we already know. You created some nice relationships between a lot of concepts and that is helping me see some of what I face daily in a different light. Check me out on the news in a few hours. The family is leaving for a ten day road trip Friday and I printed out two copies of your manifesto… one for me and one for my four teenagers to read. Life and Do It!

Some of the first self-help type books I ever encountered. Pick this up, flip to a page at random, and GO! If anything, it should encourage you! I needed more clarity and your manifesto was just the ticket. Awesome guide. Hopefully, you will experience my conquest for world dominance soon enough. A great guide. I especially liked the two questions — they really make you stop and think.

On the technical side, the layout and fonts are great too. Awesome job! I read your Manifesto in one go yesterday. A small thought: I would have expected your Manifesto to be covered by a Creative Commons license instead of a Copyright. From having humor, great quotes, solid advice, insight and information on current affairs, and a strong message delivered clearly and with style, this PDF is for-the-win! I was wondering if you have any plans to sell it in print form…. I am in the process of starting a business, and I would like to sell it, but if not at least have a copy or two available for people to read.

Let me know what you think about that. I could print it and bind it and sell it and send you the money, even, its entirely up to you. It amused me that the quotes made me open a document so I could save them, and I called it inspiration as I saved it… and then at the end I saw that is the title of one of your pages for where you get resources. One of the things I bring to the world is organization, and another is encouragement to recycle!

I would get it printed on recycled paper, at least. First of all, thank you for the manifesto. You have, indeed, been a catalyst in my life. I want you to know that I have started a few projects I had always thought were a good idea but was afraid to carry out, since I have been reading your blog. Second, I would like to make a proposition to everyone else who has read the manifesto. Print out another copy, staple it together and leave it at the train station, at the library, or any place you think of. Make a note on the front page telling others to read it and pass it on.

Then wait for it to get back to you. Congratulations and well done! A truly remarkable writing and very inspiring. A lovely bit of writing. Hi, my name is Ruth and I will help people in my hometown conserve energy and therefore money by improving the energy efficiency of their homes. Small goal, yes, I know, but I have to start somewhere.

The larger version of that goal is to help people around the world to improve the efficiency of their homes. It has become one of my recommended reads. I am a fan of reading about the adventures of others as I attempt create my own. Most of the inspirational reads I follow are from people at the end of their careers. After two days of reading your report off and on and consequently following all the links to other sites and articles to read them as well I am so refreshed and I want to thank you for this.

I signed up for Paul Myers TalkBiz newsletter and really appreciate the connection, it is a tremendous resource.

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Just finished reading. Incredible work. Thank you so much. I am truly inspired. I really got fired up reading your manifesto. I am starting with a business partner a new business Linked to my name. I told him not to worry about me that even if I was, which I am not, I would learn valuable things from it and be better off from the experience. My two goals Live life with passion and enjoy the adventure and freedom.

Be self supporting now and during my retirement making enough money so that I can end up living by a particular lake in a cool log cabin and enjoy the hubby nature. How can I make a difference? I am a master teacher, I have a love for spreading the good news of Jesus. I am also interested in help couples improve their marriage. I may end up doing both. Your article was very motivating. I will be sharing it with others. Brillant work. Your writing is simple and effective, and it got this cynical and lazy cog motivated to make a remarkable life for myself and my family.

I had a fairly easy time answering the first question, it is something that I have discovered I am truly passionate about. The more I have thought and read about carfree living the more excited I get about it. What I can offer: Passion towards an unconventional goal, loving and honest discourse, and the backing of a wonderful family.

Do what makes you come alive ✨

Great manifesto, Chris. I have yet to become a reader of your blog, but count me in for being the change, and spreading the idea. I enjoyed the manifesto. Keep up the good writing. I just finished reading the manifesto… awesome! I have read your manifesto once. And I will read it again. I love the way you present your ideas. It is very interresting when you read stuff that resonate with your own idea, your own point of view. Its just a sign that I am on the good way and that other people thing like me. Realy I want to thank you. You are Real, I mean you realy live your life the way you want to, you take the time to write a blog to share your personal experiences.

Its just amazing for me to see that so many people out there are not walking the path of conformity. Even if I am not totaly agree with all your ideas I support you.

A Brief Guide to World Domination

Continue your great job, follow your dreams. And good luck for the country left. Great site and fantastic guide. In my own blog I try to get people to do the same. I just found you yesterday. Downloaded your PDF and read it, even watched your new video post up there. Very thought-provoking. I was really interested in seeing that. When I saw you covered Randy Pausch, I had to smile.

I made my whole family watch it! I cannot answer the two questions — yet. On a more personal note, I actually felt my own mediocrity on September 11, I was working in a restaurant at the time, at a not-paying-very-well job. Where would I stay? And then I had family and my boyfriend telling me the same thing.

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It always does. I tweeted you yesterday too! When I downloaded it, I honestly thought was going to be full of a lot of hoopla. I appreciate that you point out that getting what you want takes work and sacrifice, not just wishful thinking. You have motivated me to take more time to focus on the things I enjoy. I plan to put a review of the manifesto on my blog this weekend. Thank you so much for putting this together. That was absolutely, incredibly well written.

Clear, inspiring and thought provoking. I was amazed to find many similarities between your teachings and mine. For instance, the biggest one was the need for passion. But with great fire in your belly and a desire to accomplish something, nothing can stop you. The other thing you mentioned that I continue to emphasize is the power of gratitude as well as giving back. Helping others. It can encompass anything that you give away — your time, your expertise, your love, your compassion,etc.

I really enjoyed your Manifesto. I like both your accessible, entertaining writing style and your ideas. The two questions are great. The first has definitely been easier for me to answer than the second. Well educated and well into my career I none the less continue to search for insight and inspiration to assist in pushing me to the next level. I find your organized approach to non-conformism to be quite intelligent and refreshing. The Manifesto was great reading, and a good addition to my life-long learning process.

I plan to use the concepts to hone in on what I really want to do when I finally grow up — save the global ecology through photo-art and music. I especially like the part where you emphasize the importance of finding a way to serve others while pursuing your own goals. Very important. Hello, Thanks for writing the ebook. It was like a catalyst for me. I was introduced to you via LifeDev. All the best for your journeys and experiences…. I do and will live a life of education; for myself, my family, my friends and those around me. I was born to coach and lead and I have a passion for infrastructure whether it be for work, home, education, power or water.

By taking a minuteman approach to problem solving, I expect to help our country and others develop the private infrastructure needed to empower most with health, humanity and happiness. The error to the Ideal World exercise is now fixed. You can download a new version of the PDF with the correct one, or just use this link:. Thanks for the brief guide to world domination. I enjoyed the read as I am at a turning point in my life, making many changes and being a bit unsure of some of the steps I have yet to take.

You helped me to validate the direction that I have chosen. Thanks again! Once I realized that I truly needed to be free of all those social conditionings, I put my plan into action about 6 months ago. Talk about a relief. After my travels I hope to study massage therapy and holistic modalities. At 40 years of age and being single, I feel blessed to be able to do whatever I want and not have to feel as if commitments will keep my bound to a job that is deadening my spirit.

Outside of a few faithful friends who agree, I now keep my plans to myself. Just wanted to say that I loved the manifesto and thought as a long time lurker its probably about time to show my gratitude by saying so! Its called DO3things and is based on a simple idea that by doing three things as big or small as you like we can all make for a better life. Adventure and traveling are my other necessities. The Human Genome project led to more research that may lead to better medicine, better health, and better understanding of ourselves. My project aims to mimic this approach for cognition.

Hello Chris! Geez, I read the manifesto and I must thank you to share your thoughts with us. Your book is clear and… wow, it was a catarsys. Well, count with me in your army, sir. I enjoyed reading Brief Guide to World Domination and your passion in writing it. Good luck! This was an excellent article, very well written and laid out and compelling.

I started it but have honestly found a million excuses to let it simmer. Thank you for reminding me that I was inspired to blog for the greater good and since time is illusion anyway, there is plenty of it for blogging. Thanks to Phil Gerbyshak for turning me on to your work. Purposes is to bring authenticity and spirituality into our workplace lives.

Chris, Awesome work. Thank you Chris, for your manifesto. I want to work for myself, and not anymore for any bureaucratic organisation. I want my life to be meaningful, and not mundane. I want to gain wisdom and be free of ignorance. At the end of my life, I want to be able to look back, and be satisfied that I have tapped into the power within me, and use it to contribute to a better world. What I can offer to others through teaching yoga is hope, insight, and healing. Awesome manifesto, and a very nice website overall. Also, thanks for mentioning Kiva just when I was wondering where to keep my savings, currently idling at a barely-over-inflation account.

At least someone will get some use out of them, I suppose. I am still experiencing life… and un-learning all the stuff i learnt at school… I am still unsure of how to answer those two questions! This manifesto is gonna be the catalyst to help me out now!!! And all likeminded friends of mine would help themselves with a serving of this! Sometimes, this makes planning the day difficult. I never gave enough thought to really understand what I wanted and how to give back.

But I always knew, and this little piece that you wrote loosened that knowledge from my tiny brain. You hit a home run here. Whatever it is you do in your life from now on Chris, your Art of Nonconformity is a torchlight in a darkening world. The dream then: to be a foreign correspondent. I found my way by finding a job as a sub-editor on The Bulawayo Chronicle, bending a few immigration rules and choosing a place and time of historical relevance. My most important real dream, more simple, but far more valuable than travelling around the world, would be to find love, happiness, and enjoy a great family life.

It took another 13 years to get there. Those of us with the good fortune to follow our own paths, to think independently and with a global perspective, enjoy a wealth of experiences and achievements that transcend economic success. Ironically, I expect we are generally more successful in the material sense than the great mass either too fearful or unimaginative to find our own way. Well done and thanks. This both validates and encourages my current path and I cannot wait to print it for my kids as well.

Chris, thanks for the ebook. I have started 3 different businesses and written books.

PDF How To Come Alive: A Guidebook to Living the Life of Your Dreams

Funding your dreams is hard. Thanks again for the insight and encouragement. Today is not the day to quit. WOW I am glad that i have found another person that has similar thoughts about life and the things that you can achieve for your life. Your ebook has added me new perspectives and opened new windows in my mind and encouraged me to follow my inner voice to achieve my goals. After writing this comment i will email your ebook to the closest friends and family, encourage them to read and apply to their life, and hand over the computer to my wife to read it. I have also subscribed to your newsletter, looking forward to receive news about you soon.

You rock man. Taking an independent path is a very personal call. Each of us needs to keep in mind that no worthy goal is off limits, whether it seems mainstream or radical. I like the Ready-Fire-Aim Method. Ideas are of no value whatsoever without action, and most often, the original idea is adjusted several times as action is taken and lessons are learned. One of the greatest self-help fallacies is the idea that goal setting and visualization alone will make something happen. Thank you. Read your Manifesto at an opportune time in my life.

Just graduated college and moved to Boston to start a pretty unique job that will take me all over the world for at least the next few years. Gotta start somewhere! Thanks for the report! I would tell you my answers to the two most important questions, but I think I will just live them out instead. We are all our own army the nonconformists so I have never been one to join the masses! In India, there are two national languages: English and Hindi.

However, the only language taught in schools is English and at the same time, almost everyone in India has access to a cell phone or owns one themselves. Consequently I have received nothing. You really nailed the most important aspects of living your own life and being the change you want to see in the world. I felt excitement, inspiration and encouragement as I progressed through the manifesto.

In part, it offered validation of the path of non-conformity I consciously chose many years ago hey, how many heart surgeons do you know who build online businesses to fund their passion?! And in part, it offered precious guidance and safety guidelines to guard against getting side-tracked, disillusioned or being tempted to give up.

e-book How To Come Alive: A Guidebook to Living the Life of Your Dreams

Thank you from my heart for writing this report and sharing it with the world. I will certainly be spreading the word about it, and recommending it to others I know who are or are dreaming about changing the world! Oh, I love the typography and colours in your pamphlet. The content irked my nihilist sensibilities at times, but it conveyed the idea that there is a huge power in being intense rather then sensible. No use worrying or doubting. Who can stand up to that attitude? Love the little ebook. My two answers were the same! I think I can refine answer number two a little more because love and music are not unique to me , but I thought that was interesting that what I want from this life is the same as what I really have to give.

I just read your brief guide to world domination, and all I can say is: Sign me up for your army!

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I find your writing very inspiring, and I find your actions and your life even more so. Let me know what I can do to support you. Let me know. Two things that I love a huge ton are helping people and explaining things. My wife and I are going to become the 1 communication experts in the English-speaking world. Chris — Thanks for writing this book and for your website. Seems like the world is coming to life after being in a funk a long time. Great ideas! Helps me a lot to get my thoughts together.

Mani 6 comments up. Hint — your wake-up call has made me realise that in most of the areas where I have been going wrong, without realising it, I have been submitting to the pressures to conform. So in the spirit of your inspiring pdf, rather than telling you what I can offer that no one else can, I think it would be far more appropriate if I just got on with it.

Thanks for the manifesto! Thanks for a truly inspiring read, packed with very useful links and real life tools. Thank you for teaching me something important today. Your Guide is very timely. You are on the right track here! Joyful conduit of truth, beauty and love, here, applying my advanced nerdery and communications skillz writing! I wish I had read this before I left to go off to college, but I am glad to get the chance to renew my thinking now as married 47 year old with a brand new baby girl. Thanks, Chris for putting this out there.

Greg Taylor. Reading the words you wrote has hit home with me. The project has been quite a journey for us. Meeting people, seeing things, and working with folks we never thought would be possible a few years ago. We are doing this project with our own time and money. And it has not been easy. I am not great with words…. I had not put it into words like you have here, but we had it in our heads — reading this re-enforced that we were on the right track and we should keep going… It came at a time where we are tired and a bit behind, so the inspiration is greatly appreciated. Not only will many readers be older, but also many people fear not being able to afford to stop working e.

I am quitting my job this month to work on my dream of building independent city states on platforms in international waters, so people can experiment with new social, political, and legal systems. Not for myself, but for the world — because we need a long tail of government. The report is spreading like wildfire thanks to a virtual army, myself included, who are enthusiastically fanning the smoke signals of change in a digital age. Your manifesto came to my attention at a pivotal point in my life. I am 48 years old, have always been a homemaker, and buried my dreams for a different life.

Meanwhile, I am researching green architecture, learning about organic gardening, and preparing in other ways while we aggressively reduce our debt load. The dream continues to expand to include other aspects, but that is the gist. Thanks for posting this, and best wishes as you travel the world, challenging mediocrity, and promoting nonconformity. Everyone around me seems puzzled, the closer ones opened their eyes bigger, as if I have committed a cardinal sin. Truth is, I did it on purpose.

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