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She had made a true difference there, but here…. Her body surged into action. The chair rolled into the wall, and whiskey-laced coffee spilled over the reports and files the mayor had probably come to collect. Even across the concrete room, the change in his daughter's vocal patterns rang clearly. The mayor rolled her eyes and snagged paper towels beside the coffee pot just outside her office.

She just wanted a little rise out of the mother of her child. Regina's dark eyes narrowed across the desk, hand stilled atop the mess. I have filed so many brown pages since you took office, I almost believe I'm living in the Enchanted Forest using parchment again. Emma placed her own towels on the desk, hand so close that her pinky grazed Regina's.

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She'd done that recently, touched the mayor in subtle and seemingly innocent ways. If Regina noticed, she hadn't minded because she certainly would have vocalized her distaste by that point. Leaning forward, green eyes locked with brown. The sorceress' flickered with confusion, just like they had in other timeline when she misunderstood the emotions of the situation.

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They were the same person, but this Regina created 28 years of peace in which to heal from the wounds her mother inflicted. She learned emotions but still struggled to read them without manipulating them. A fire ignited in emerald green, a storm as sudden and violent as a hurricane. If she kissed Regina, the mayor might have kissed her back.

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She might have believed Emma. If she told Regina all the secrets they'd shared, would she have been welcomed with open arms or shunned because of the mess they'd made of their relationship in this timeline by fighting over Henry. If she kissed her, would memories rush back, memories of them only kept alive in Emma's mind? Emma blinked, breaking the spell, and dropped her gaze to their touching pinkies atop soaking wet paper towels that reeked of booze. If Regina remembered them, she also remembered killing her mother and the massive mind fuck Cora committed against her alter self.

She remembered how she tortured Emma in that nexus of magic in the isolation room. She remembered the harrowing loneliness of her mother whispering in her ear every day that she wasn't worthy of love. Regina straightened her spine and lifted her hand to glance at the silver watch on her wrist. Henry is feeling neglected and wishes a private dinner with his mothers.

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Emma smirked. She'd gotten to her, but Regina still held her tongue.

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  • Was it even possible for this Regina to love her? Swan, but if you wish to be a mother to my son, then be his mother.

    Emma's Theme

    You're not allowed to check in and out of his life when it's convenient. You're hurting him. It stops now, or this arrangement we've civilly maintained shall be terminated. Am I clear? It's just…" This wasn't her Regina. Well, she was her Regina, but not her Regina. Six o'clock," the mayor snapped. Regina's eyes narrowed for a long moment, but she said nothing else as she turned on the toe of a leather boot and stalked out of the station.

    David took a breath to speak. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sequel to The Color Red: Two Months after Emma returns from the alternate timeline, Emma realizes she must let go of the other timeline. Though her friends try to help, Emma spirals down a dark path, rises up against a new threat, and finds an unexpected ally along the way. Two Months After Emma Returns The cold wind burned her face, just like the night she'd saved Ruby from the chimera venom. What's going on with you lately? For them. She died for them. She had made a true difference there, but here… "Sheriff?

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    Don't forget those reports. I forgot. I was going to…" "I have no idea what your problem has been lately, Ms. Used to be Mine 2. Stay 'Til Morning 3. Apparition 4. Run 5. Elevation Spa. Elevation Station. Elevation Station Trampoline Park. Elevation Studio Highview Hotel. Elevation Ten winery. Elevation Trampoline Park Edmond. Elevation Trampoline Park Moore.

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    Elite Car Service and Airport Transportation. Elite Chicago Limo. Elite Climbing. Elite Coach Transportation. Elite Day Spa. Elite Eco-Adventures. Elite Escape Games. Generally the deeper the colour, the higher its value, and a blue-green or pure green is the most prized. Many emeralds are heat treated to enhance their colour.

    In terms of clarity, most emeralds have visible inclusions which are accepted as a natural characteristic of the gem. The more transparent the emerald, the more rare and valuable the stone.

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    The emerald cut is the most popular cut, due to the six sided shape of the raw emerald crystal, which is beryl; the same as aquamarine. However, this gem can be cut in various shapes to best maximise the original rough material. The higher the carat, and thus larger the size, the more valuable the gem.

    Geologically speaking, the oldest emeralds are aged at 2. Famous places are named using the word emerald to describe their colour, like the Emerald Isle in Scotland and the Emerald Buddha in Thailand, even though it is made of jade. Cleopatra owned all the emerald mines in ancient Egypt and the stones were used for protection, status and trade.

    By the time these mines were again discovered in the 19th century the supply had been exhausted.

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